Why People Who Are Not as Good as You, Are Doing Better than You… Dre Baldwin DreAllDay.com

I had a classmate in high school named James. 

We were the same age, in the same grade, and were from the same neighborhood. We didn’t really know each other until high school though, when we’d ride the bus and train together to school every day. 

Around this time, ages 14-16, every young man where I’m from played basketball. These were my early years in the game, and as I slowly figured things out, I’d do what all the neighborhood boys did: go to the park and play pickup ball in the evenings. 

My local park had two full courts: “A” court, where the grown men, along with best and most serious players played, and “B” court, which was for the “young bulls” and men who didn’t take their games so seriously to wait around for their chance on “A” court. 

I’d often be playing a game on B court when James would walk by, often trailing behind some older guys, rhetorically asking, “why are you still playing on B court, Dre?” He’s day it with an air of cockiness, as if he knew he was better than me simply by law of association. 

James wasn’t a very good player. We were about the same height as teens, but he didn’t grow into his body the way I did. James didn’t even have basketball aspirations. When I came to the park in the summers, home from college, James was just as likely to be smoking weed as he was to be playing basketball (now just for fun). 

But James was a regular on A court long before I was, and it wasn’t because of talent. 

The point: stepping up your level in life isn’t always about talent — sometimes it’s about self-belief. 

What this means for you: what you think is holding you back may not be what’s really holding you back. 

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