When people see my profile and credentials, they picture a happy, pumped up, confident, an ambitious guy on the run with an ideal life devoid of any problems or troubles at all. They see the end or consequence but not the journey before it. They don’t have any clue about what I went through a few years ago, before I even believed in the phrase, confidence is the key to success. Not long ago, I was not myself at all. I was a totally shattered, demoralized, inferior, depressed, cowardly version of what I am today who even attended the idea of suicide almost every day. I was practically a dead man walking with zero aspirations, hopes and dreams. Deep inside, I blamed God for putting me in a mess.

Food For Thought

We live in times of ingratitude where we are always focused on what we lack, not on what we do possess. We take millions of things for granted just because they were given to us by default without any hard work, efforts, money or virtue at all. Have you ever wondered how damn lucky, fortunate and privileged are you just because of the single blessing that your posture is perfectly normal and you can walk around or carry yourself with dignity and honor without worrying what others would think of you? Ask me how big is this favor from heavens above considering not even your words of wisdom would have a huge impact if that is not the case. The world has never been a kind place at all – especially for the handicapped.

Into The Past

Due to a sudden car accident on the motorway in 2015, my back had been broken. With loads of treatment for a very long time at the top hospitals with the best doctors at the most expensive rates, the damage was finally repaired but with what seemed to be a permanent bent. Thus, I could not walk normally at all. I had to carry myself and talk with people while bending as if I was about to prostrate. Irrespective of whether others would sympathize or belittle me for my dysfunction, I was robbed of my own self esteem as I never felt confident in anything at all even if someone would take me seriously. This ruined my own motivation level. No TV, movies, songs, Youtube or watching sports would inspire me because my own mind kept saying “you can’t do this, you can’t do that”. Existence seemed a meaningless burden. I felt rejected by God and my spiritual life suffered as well.

Important Discovery

My amazing girlfriend who stood beside me through thick and thin did some research to solve the problem as she wanted to life me up as much as my parents. She came across “Tradebone Posture Corrector” – a product that would transform me and change my life completely. This may sound either an exaggeration or an advertising strategy to readers but I assure it is none of these at all. Ironically, my birthday was near as well. She bought it and gave me this wonderful thing wrapped in a beautiful box on April 26, 2018. At first sight, I was confused or rather disappointed on the sight of this seemingly boring, unexciting and unromantic choice of gift from my lover but she immediately said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. She could not have been more right. I wore this and felt a little relaxed and comfortable.

Path to Recovery

The posture corrector became a regular part of my life since then as I would only remove it for taking bath or changing clothes. After every 2 weeks, I was monitored by a physician who was highly impressed by the slow and gradual yet marked difference in my body angles. I, too, practically felt improved or rather “repaired or revamped” with every month – not just physically but psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually as my mind, heart, and soul kept moving towards positivity and optimism. Within 6 months, I was a man in full throttle who wanted to strive for goals, aims, achievements, and accomplishments. I did not want to be another brick in the wall, another face in the crowd, another bug on the ground – I wanted to be someone – someone special, unique and rare.

Back With A Bang

As someone who had been a voracious reader since childhood with a library of 300 books, it was unbelievable or rather tragic that I had totally stopped reading anything for 3 years. In December, 2018, just before New Year celebrations, I broke the ice and my reader’s block finally ended with a big bang when I read the following poem which sums up my feelings, emotions, thoughts, and philosophy of the drama of life which was simply impossible without the experience of Tradebone Posture Corrector on my body.     

I would like to conclude this article by quoting one of my friends books (Aadil Farook)- “Universal Anthems – Revolutionary Message for a Global Cause” Publisher: Tablo, Australia, 2019


Rise above daily chores

Throw inhibition on the floor

No more slavery to mundane deeds

Man is elevated when fully freed

From the goblet of life, pour in your heart

An endless stream of vigor to set you apart

Let every morning embrace new targets

Let your eyes be blind to all limits

Be numb to every impulse of fear

Meet each doubt with a haughty sneer

Though easy isn’t the striving to excel

“Nothing is impossible”, heroes tell 

Greatness is the outcome of dreams

No matter how unrealistic it seems 

Make your thirst the sole guidance

And perseverance, the only reliance

Sharpen the knife of your defining trait

Cut every hurdle that lies in your fate

Allow yourself to be challenged again and again

So your footsteps traverse an unwalked lane

Whether it is talent or virtue

Be such that others follow you

None of your indulgences is a vain venture

But a path towards a glorious future

Your every act shall be a beacon of inspiration

Each expression, a symbol of self-actualization

Let the diamond within you shine profusely

So your feat is hailed by entire humanity

Conquer the world, O aspiring champion

It’s a mere jungle, you’re the lion!  


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