In the modern age that is so centered on maximum productivity and output, we can lose ourselves in the daily grind. We often forget the passions that drive us and the muses that fuel our souls. Becoming hyper-focused on these endeavors is a great way to increase our efficiency, but it can also lead to burnout of the worst kind.

No one wants to lose that spark of why they do what they do, however it can seem inevitable in the competitive environment we live in today. But what if that doesn’t always have to be the case?

Contrary to popular belief, a person can be a dedicated worker and also keep that sense of excitement for what they are doing. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, though sometimes it may seem like it. The key to staying inspired and still achieving our goals is balance. We have to walk the fine line between the two like a trapeze artist of sorts.

Below are our tips for maintaining that balance in our lives and harvesting the enthusiasm that strikes us.

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  1. When working, try to remember the big picture. Getting stuck in our heads and fixating too much on the insignificant details can cast a fog over our previously clear intentions. We have to remember why we’re working the way we are. Stepping back, clearing our minds, and examining the situation from a bird’s eye view is necessary before going back to the nitty-gritty of it all. I can guarantee we can find ourselves looking at our work with a fresh set of eyes that will be more receptive to productivity than we may have been otherwise.
  2. We should all take the time to foster our inspiration both when we need it and when we don’t. It’s important to constantly be looking out for ourselves and what ultimately drives us. Taking the initiative to develop our own, even on days when it seems unnecessary, will refuel our reserves for future use and prevent the dreaded burnout we talked about earlier. Frequently when we find ourselves exhausted mentally, we simply need to be making the time to focus on ourselves for a change.
  3. Changing a routine that has become dull over time can also be beneficial to us. If we are growing restless or even downright bored with our regular routine, it may be time for a change of pace. A lack of mental stimulation or activity can cause a loss of motivation. Once our motivation is gone, it can become incredibly difficult to get back. Try changing the plans for the day or just find small ways to deviate from the mundane that can zap away our desire to be productive.
  4. I think we all need to be setting realistic expectations for ourselves. It’s crucial to recognize that we won’t always be able to muster our highest level of personal zeal.
  5. Sometimes, it pays to remember that we are people who will sometimes not have the energy wells we need for certain tasks. Simply being more compassionate of ourselves and what we ARE able to do will make a world of difference in the future when our usual drive returns.

None of us can always be at the top of our game, it’s impossible. Keeping ourselves focused, yet excited for what we are doing, is a must for our own well-being and, ultimately, our efficiency. We can marry the two without compromise or sacrificing our own joy.