It is SO hard to hold our focus on, and remain in alignment with, all that is good and well when people and events are chaotically swirling around us. 

Of course, it is actually impossible to maintain alignment all the time; in fact we can’t and we’re not meant to. When our attention has moved from the truth of our authentic selves to the fear or worry that have seduced it into the shadows of uncertainty, we suffer terribly. 

BUT it is the suffering itself that REMINDS us to return our gaze and attention to love. It is actually a homing device. It beckons, “Dear one, do not look this way, look that way. You need not worry. Do you see over there, where your loving heart beats with oneness and gladness? It is there that the hope resides. It is there that joy flourishes. All good things emanate from that place of abundance and beauty.”

Suffering is most acute when it affects our children. How can we bear it? Again, it is there, with and in them, that the Divine resides and emanates most strongly. When we turn our gaze to our children, witnessing their pain and at the same time open and vulnerable to their all-consuming love and strength, we are evolving into wholeness. When we integrate these energies into our hearts and minds, and then unconditionally return these powerful forces back to them, we co-create a momentum of powerful healing energy.

This is the light in the darkness that shines truth on, and reveals, the only things that matter: love, goodness, and oneness. And then anything is possible. In this wellspring of high vibration, healing and wholeness have the freedom to flow.