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Francis Bacon said,“Money is a great servant but a bad master.” That the same philosophy applies for technology in today’s constantly connected lifestyle. We’ve allowed our devices to dictate where our attention goes. “We wear our busyness as a badge of honor,” says Arianna Huffington as she tirelessly encourages people to be conscious of their work/life balance. There’s no arguing that technology has become the veritable master of our time and attention. It’s causing negative side effects in our society; we’re more isolated and disconnected from humanity than ever before. Mental health issues have hit a tipping point and in May 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared burnout as a ‘global occupational phenomenon.’ The WHO states that, “Burnout is a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed…a state of vital exhaustion.” Your brain is tired. It’s not wired for continuous blue light stimulation.

It’s no surprise that we haven’t been able to easily set realistic boundaries with technology because we’re fighting against the billions of dollars spent by tech brands to design platforms that induce addictive behavior. Whether for business or pleasure your devices have likely become the focal point of your life. I have a love/hate relationship with tech but I’ve been working diligently to be the master of it with mindful breath.

Breath is Your Superpower: Inhale, EXCEL!

The ancient practice of breath is more relevant today than ever before. It’s a very powerful tool to combat the effects of technology. Bonus: It also helps you excel on many different levels as a catalyst for becoming more present and strategically focused. Breath can immediately transform your mind and body from external overstimulation to internal grounded, calm and empowered energy. It’s science.

Breath levels the playing field when it comes to health and wellbeing:

*It’s free.

*No equipment, classes or app needed.

*No chunks of time to be scheduled in your calendar.

*It’s always available; 24/7/365.

*No calories. No allergens.

*It’s sustainable.

*Accessible to all demographics.

*Takes less than 60 seconds to transform your mind & energy.

*Numerous health benefits for both prevention of disease and healing.

We’ve all got this superpower but it’s lying dormant in most. There are a variety of different breath techniques. There’s a breath for every energy you’d like to manifest but Breath 101 begins with the simplicity of just three deep breaths to interrupt your shallow breath and go inward for a quick moment. Three deep breaths is enough to shift your mindset, perspective or energy…anytime, anywhere in small moments.

Shallow Breath is S*#t

Shallow breath can leave you in a low grade state of chronic stress, it needs to be interrupted. Once you start to do this your body will crave it and it’ll become second nature to breathe better more often. When shallow breath is swapped for deeper, more nourishing breaths — you become the master of your thoughts and energy. Today, it’s the best tool for getting ahead of and eventually taking charge of your technology habits so that you can get back in touch with yourself.

If you feel like your priorities have been hacked and/or your focus is blurry, it’s time for some clarity. Become more self-aware of your thoughts and energy by mastering your breath. Mindful breath is restful yet energizing. You change the chemistry in your mind/body immediately when you inhale through your nose. Imagine if you did that several times a day to get back in touch with your inner goals and priorities. Tech would become your servant!

Tap in the Power of Your Breath In Small Moments!

Whatever you need to manifest in your life…there’s a breath for that! Need to feel more calm? Make your exhales longer than your inhales. Need to feel confident before your big meeting? Try breath of fire. Want to feel more connected to those you adore? Take some ujjayi breaths with your hands on your heart before you see them. Until you learn these tools, rest assured that three deep breaths and a positive thought is the best first step. Mindfulness can be found in small moments throughout the day. We all need air, food and water to survive and the quality of each matters greatly. If you’re just breathing to stay alive you’re leaving a lot of life inside you.

I’m part of the last generation to have been lucky enough to know life before technology took over. That self-awareness has helped inform the way I manage my digital connection and stay in tune with my gut instinct and inner voice. I remember how free and liberating it feels to be present, focused and simply enjoy moments without feeling like I’m missing something. Knowing how to be fully present and is greatly underrated.

Humanity > Technology.

Mindful breath is the catalyst for change. It’s never too late to rebuild your tech life habits and set some boundaries; re-evaluate what true connection means — not in terms of wifi bars but in terms of eye to eye and face to face contact. Mindful breath immediately shifts your focus from external to internal…where your innermost desires live. Access those with breath and then create the energy you need to reach your goals and excel.

Being constantly poked and persuaded by tech can be sabotaging your goals/dreams and causing dis-ease. Become more self-aware about how you move through your world. Don’t settle for autopilot shallow breath — that leads to autopilot mindset. I’ve seen the powerful reaction that a single deep breath can bring to someone who no longer breathes mindfully…or has never interrupted their shallow breath. That look of relief and joy keeps me on this mission to help people breathe — one deep breath at a time. As long as we’re breathing — there’s hope for humanity to be greater than tech.

Mindful breath is your unique energetic force that helps you create what you want in your life at any given moment.

BREATH creates the mindset needed to accomplish anything.

Breath creates confidence.

Breath creates laughter.

Breath nourishes and heals.

Breath creates opportunities.

Breath creates belief & optimism.

Breath is self care.

Breath brings you immediately into the present moment.

Breath opens your heart and mind.

Breath transforms energy.

Breath enhances your ability to be the best version of YOU.

Breath empowers your soul, your passion/purpose and ignites momentum.

Breath shifts focus from external to internal.

Breathe creates the energy and mindset to evolve. YOU create your Breath. What will you create with your BREATH today?

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