The responsibility of executives, professionals, influencers, or leaders is often larger-than-life. They have to lead while feeling the scrutiny of other people around them. It’s like living in a fishbowl, a place where they have little or no privacy. When something unsettling occurs in their private lives, they require comfort from those who understand what it means to be them – a physician executive coach.

Leadership involves influencing others, which leads to encouraging others to do their best and achieve their goals. Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others towards the achievement of a goal. However, even the strongest leaders have challenges.

Highly effective leaders who have mastered the art of influence have developed skills to understand and motivate others by encouraging them, and they are emotionally intelligent. High-performing leaders are not only results-focused, but more importantly, they take the time to ensure that expectations are understood. As a result, high-performing leaders demonstrate remarkable relationships with their employees regardless of their organizational status or title. This consistent pursuit of excellence can lead to burnout and frustration, which can spell disaster in their personal and professional life.

Highly effective leadership skills come from these common characteristics:

1. Empathy and understanding – Leaders are sensitive to other people’s feelings, needs, dreams, and desires; they understand those things to engage others.

2. Initiative – Displays leadership in which one leads by the action instead of words; someone who’ll step up rather than watch from the sidelines. People look up to them for direction and expect them to set an example for doing right.  

3. Commitment – Values their dreams, and they are dedicated.

4.Visionary– Effective leaders empower the team and inspire them to strive towards lofty goals.

When a leader falls apart, it influences their direct reports, who may wonder if they are causing the executive stress. If the executive is experiencing anxiety, the direction they take can impact those reporting to them. It also impacts the way executives and leaders handle stressful workplace situations. Decisions could be impacted by anger, fear, worry, distress, and abject confusion. For example: Was a decision made rationally because of personal life stress? When a leader has difficulty at home (for example, with children), it may affect their productivity at work and, ultimately, the bottom line for the company.

Merges and acquisitions do not typically go on hold because you are going through a messy personal situation. Board meetings and important deadlines will still be present when going through a life transition such as a divorce, a physical health challenge, or an emotional one. Being able to be proactive in one’s health and avoid certain challenges is important. When dealing with personal issues that can impact productivity at work, focusing on the issue and quickly creating a plan of action is imperative. This is why the support of a leadership coach and key transitions in one life is a useful tactic to stay productive, focused, and relevant in their industry.

If you are starting to feel the weight of leadership, it is recommended that you receive the necessary support to help you relieve the pressure.  A physician executive coach will help you increase self-awareness, expand your thinking and uncover your potential, so living in the proverbial fishbowl doesn’t diminish your confidence and productivity.


  • Dr. Tomi Mitchell

    M.D | Leadership Coach| Wellness & Productivity Coach

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    Dr. Tomi Mitchell, MD, empowers executives, lawyers, doctors, business owners, and other leaders to eliminate burnout and increase workplace productivity and relationships.  She uses her three-step framework, Embrace, Evaluate & Energize, to empower her clients to have clarity. 

    As a public speaker and trainer, she brings energy to the crowd, captures their attention, and gives them clear, actionable steps to apply immediately to their life. Dr. Tomi Mitchell believes in getting to the root causes of life's challenges, instead of taking a temporary BandAid approach to life. She is a writer, with a book coming out in Summer 2023. She is also the host of The Mental Health & Wellness Show.  To learn more about her framework, check out the following link: Learn More.