Working the Brain So the Brain Works For You

Struggling comes from what we call the suffering state. We have compassion for our suffering state but do not want that part of us in charge of our lives. 

So unless it’s something like “car coming get out of the way,” before we ask ourselves any questions or take any action, let’s take the project out of the emotional brain and kick it upstairs to the executive brain instead.

There is a 30-second mindset reset for this that I call “Power Breathing,” because it has already had such a powerful positive impact on so many lives. A simple instruction for “Power Breathing” can be found in “Complimentary…” box pulldown at

Essentially, it is 3 luxurious breaths: in through the nose, out through the nose, belly out on the in-breath, belly in on the out breath…

And then How Are You? Well, despite everything going on around us, if we stay open, we can notice that, in that very moment, everything is just fine—fine enough that we can now let the higher brain take care of our business with the questions below.

3 Questions to Ask Your Higher Brain

1. Is There Something to Be Done Here? If the answer is No because we’ve already done it, or there simply is nothing to be done, then we may want to power breathe a little more and move on. 

2. What, By When, By Whom? If the answer is Yes there is something to be done, the next question is What, By When, By Whom? Sometimes it is by you, sometimes not. Or sometimes it is by you but not today, so when? This is called an Action Plan.

3. Whose Help Would Help? If, despite your best planning and efforts on your own behalf, you find you are still struggling, it may well be time to ask whose help would help get you unstuck.

Again the 30 second “Power Breathing” mindset reset can be found at and would love to hear what you think of this tool.

Warm wishes,