As a part of my series about “Learning To Finally Love Yourself” I had the pleasure to interview Jacqueline Pirtle. She serves her clients as a holistic practitioner, a healing arts teacher-mentor, and author, with a unique passion as an ambassador for mindful happiness. Her best-selling book is 365 Days of Happiness — as seen on ABC 7 Chicago. She has helped thousands of clients shift into a “high for life” frequency — a unique experience that calls clients into their highest potential in their NOW!

Jacqueline has been featured on NBC News — Better, Women Inspired TV, The Sunday School Radio Show, International Health & Wellness summits and podcasts, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Bustle, and Buzzfeed, and her article “Are You Happy?” is in print in The Edge Magazine.

Thank you so much for joining us! I’d love to begin by asking you to give us the backstory as to what brought you to this specific career path.

Like so many higher vibe beings that choose to BE here NOW with a healing purpose, I too have had a path that can be felt as physically or emotionally painful — for example, my childhood, relationships, and many of these ups and downs.

That is where my knack for “feeling good” and my refusal to be limited by any idea that looks like a physical fixed space supports me, because I chose early on to not be glued into yesterday’s story and to understand that these happenings were only put in front of me as a reminder of my purpose and how I can do the most service.

In 2006, I decided to use all these tools to create a higher frequency of teachings for others by utilizing the connected energetic field to tap into the quantum, then sharing space — where there is no separation — and time with my clients — supporting them into the awakening of the infinite potential that is already in them.

My truth is that I am called to tap into my spiritual connection every single day.

This is truly a beautiful gift and I feel really honored to always know that whatever bigger-than-me-energy is moving through me is what is necessary, and that it is moving and supporting people right where they are at.

Are you working on any exciting new projects now? How do you hope that they might help people along their path to self-understanding or a better sense of wellbeing in their relationships?

Yes! My Energetic Activation Session. This unique session leads clients to journey deep into the subconscious to bring more light into the conscious. It can bring up old experiences — past life, ancestral stories — and ideas or limits held in their physical container, that are desiring to come up. This technique may feel familiar to a hypnotic experience or deep meditation, but in truth it is very clearly a refined intentional “moving” into the energetic field and then transferring said energy out into the physical realm.

It IS an energetic activation that moves you through a memory field — an alignment — deep into yourself. It calls you forth into a realignment and a refined re-calibration of establishing purpose, centeredness, freedom, sovereignty, and clarity — allowing you to move through a life experience — your NOW — with more ease.

On a gentler supportive touch for people, I am promoting my best-seller 365 Days of Happiness. This book touches readers in all ways in their tender space of “waking-up,” opening their hearts and shedding their limits by teaching — and reminding — them of mindful happiness.

Do you have a personal story that you can share with our readers about your struggles or successes along your journey of self-understanding and self-love? Was there ever a tipping point that triggered a change regarding your feelings of self acceptance?

In my path, pleasing everyone but myself — and with that not living my graciousness — was certainly my biggest struggle that created a deep disconnect, unhappiness, and physical symptoms in me and for me.

My “gem,” my physical body, supports me in staying aligned with my knowing and purpose — my self-love, self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self-respect, and self-gratitude.


When aligned I feel physically thriving and happy as can BE.

When not aligned I feel physically drained and physical symptoms of all sorts appear.

According to a recent study cited in Cosmopolitan, in the US, only about 28 percent of men and 26 percent of women are “very satisfied with their appearance.” Could you talk about what some of the causes might be, as well as the consequences?

There is a huge un-knowing and with that comes an enormous disconnect between what or who people think they are or should be.

There is more to us than just our appearance! Most people know that fact but also stop at that fact.

I take it further.

We ARE a whole being — a mind, a body, a soul, and consciousness. And we — just like everything else — are energy, connected, and are sharing our energies with each other at all times. We live as energies in an energetic universe.

Meaning, that until we feel ourselves as an energetic complex being with needs that have to be fulfilled on every level — mind, body, soul, consciousness — it will be very hard for people to like their appearances, because it’s only a tiny part of who they really are.

Once we take responsibility on every level for how we ARE and how we feel, we shift to a focus of self-love, self-acceptance, self-respect, self-appreciation, and self-gratitude — a space where you will feel whole and where loving your appearance IS your normal.

As cheesy as it might sound to truly understand and “love yourself,” can you share with our readers a few reasons why it’s so important?

Truly understanding and loving yourself means:

  • You ARE activated in the alignment of the energetic experience in your whole being.
  • You ARE balanced in your mind-body experience.
  • You ARE in a space of refinement in your personal and spiritual development.
  • You ARE whole and here with purpose.

You will see, hear, taste, smell, think, and feel everything and everyone as grace — and alongside that experiencing a “high for life” time on this planet.

That IS why it is important!

Why do you think people stay in mediocre relationships? What advice would you give to our readers regarding this?

Let me start with the advice, because I prefer starting with the solution first, which shifts most problems to not being relevant anymore:

As a teacher and mentor for others, I am fluent with stepping into something completely new and different — past old ideas of limits — whenever I feel compelled to. I advise you to do the same.

So instead of focusing on the mediocre relationship, create that flow inside of you first by becoming aware of what actually IS possible for you in your life, what your potential IS in your life, how much you ARE in charge in your life, and then choose to understand that your wellbeing is your own responsibility — not the partner’s in that mediocre relationship.

Ask yourself:

“AM I creating a healthy environment in all of me — my body, mind, soul, and consciousness?”

“AM I doing my best to shift myself — as a whole — into a space where I can feel good?”

“For clarity’s sake, what do I want and how do I want it in my life?”

“How can I take charge of my desires and make them happen?”

When you shift, your surroundings shift too — meaning that the mediocre relationship can shift to “being better” simply by you being fluent in what is happening for you. If that is not the case you can trust that any change you create originates from your deep knowing.

If this is an abusive relationship, get out, get help!

When we talk about self-love and understanding we don’t necessarily mean blindly loving and accepting ourselves the way we are. Many times self-understanding requires us to reflect and ask ourselves the tough questions, to realize perhaps where we need to make changes in ourselves to be better not only for ourselves but our relationships. What are some of those tough questions that will cut through the safe space of comfort we like to maintain, that our readers might want to ask themselves? Can you share an example of a time that you had to reflect and realize how you needed to make changes?

Questions I ask myself daily:

AM I happy?

How do I feel in my body, mind, soul, consciousness?

AM I taking excellent and fitting care of my whole wellbeing in this moment?

AM I taking full responsibility for my whole wellbeing?

When I am not my full gracious-ness, I answer some or all of the above questions with a “no.” To say “yes” again, I put my whole focus, power, and determination to do whatever it takes to shift myself to BE and live my gracious-ness again.

So many don’t really know how to be alone, or are afraid of it. How important is it for us to have, and practice, that capacity to truly be with ourselves and be alone (literally or metaphorically)?

Are you really ever alone?


Because everything and everyone is energy, connected, and is sharing their energies with each other at all times — making all ONE. Plus, you ARE always with yourself.

Let me explain:

If you are in an empty room with a chair, you are not alone! The chair and you are both energy, connected — sitting on it or not — and exchanging your energies with each other. Now take the chair out of the room, you are still not alone! You, the walls, and air are all together — as ONE. Same truth is for you being out in nowhere, in nature, you are never ever alone!


You might spend time AWAY from other people. That “alone-time” is of utmost importance for you to feel yourself in your deepest understanding and knowing of who you really are — uniting your body, mind, soul, and consciousness, becoming whole. A united and whole YOU is fluent in a deep connected space of your highest potential.

How does achieving a certain level of self-understanding and self-love then affect your ability to connect with and deepen your relationships with others?

Knowing and unconditionally loving yourself shifts you into a certainty of not needing others to fill or reassure your love-health-happiness-abundance tank because it is filled to the brim by you. Which makes your interactions with your surroundings a pure exchange — the truest way to connect, to love, and to experience your physical existence.

In your experience, what should a) individuals and b) society, do to help people better understand themselves and accept themselves?

The only thing to do:

Is to not wait for anyone or anything — and to not make anyone or anything — responsible for you to understand yourself on a level where you can accept and love yourself without limits.

Realize that you have everything that you are looking for already in you. It’s yours and it’s ready to be activated whenever you wish to do so. That IS so for anyone!

You are in charge and you have the power to shift the whole world closer to world-love, world-peace, and world-happiness — by taking your seat in your gracious-ness and by sharing and spreading your complete love and kindness to everything and everyone.

What are 5 strategies that you implement to maintain your connection with and love for yourself, that our readers might learn from?

  1. I refuse to be limited by any idea that looks like a physical fixed space. To me everything IS possible, creating freedom for me.
  2. I don’t ever feel held or glued into yesterdays story. The past is the past! No gunk accumulated.
  3. Everything in the rear view has nothing to do with this day other than it was an experience that has led me here. Pain and hurt are left behind.
  4. I know that I am new every single moment; freshness and new possibilities are created.
  5. I tap into my spiritual connection as a whole being every single day. My truth is my gracious-ness!

What are your favorite books, podcasts, or resources for self-psychology, intimacy, or relationships? What do you love about each one and how does it resonate with you?

My favorites ARE always the ones showing up for me when needed. Today it is this, tomorrow it will be that — I am fluent with the flow of information that is given to me.

My constant go-to favorites are Bruce Lipton, Esther Hicks, and Gregg Braden.

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? Maybe we’ll inspire our readers to start it…

A metamorphosis of each and everyone realizing the grand energetic powers they actually ARE by evolving into their highest potential of who they are and how they feel — take their seat in their gracious-ness.

Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote” that you use to guide yourself by? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life and how our readers might learn to live by it in theirs?

I refuse limits!

Limits are only in the physical, and even there they are not fixed, because limits can be molded, changed, and shifted in the quantum energy field — resulting in said changes being transferred back into the physical which make any limit not real.

Thank you so much for your time and for your inspiring insights!


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