“When” is a 4 letter dream killer.

When I receive my education.
When I have enough money.
I have all the support.
When I feel more confident.
When I have more time.
When things go back to normal.

When causes chaos, with flashy lies to spread your focus thin and not make sense of what you should truly pursue.

How many “whens’ have you uttered in the past few weeks, few months, few years?

Most goals and dreams don’t crash and burn and are a complete and total loss.

In fact, most goals and dreams are never born.

There will be no perfect time, scenario, opportunity, support, financial foundation to pursue your goals and dreams.

However, if you recognize that your goal and dream isn’t JUST ABOUT YOU, that it is fulfilling a purpose much grander than you, it will happen in exciting and surprising ways.

When you don’t feel ready, lean in, and be ready for the next step that will unravel in front of you.