A mother embarked upon a treacherous 90-mile journey from Cuba to the U.S. with her 5 year-old son, boyfriend and 9 others across the Atlantic Ocean. The mission was to attain political asylum and democratic freedom by touching land in America. Tragically, the boat they were in capsized. Everyone died…except the 5 year-old boy.

The boy was found in an inner tube floating at sea three miles from Florida’s Fort Lauderdale coast. Later when the boy was asked to recount what happened, he drew a crayon picture of the voyage from Cuba. He first drew wavy lines representing the water. Then he drew a stick figure of himself in an inner tube. What he drew next was the most memorable…


He said while he was clinging to the inner tube, dolphins surrounded him in a big circle and made sure none of the sharks in the water could get to him. Whenever he slipped back into the water the dolphins would boost him back up onto the inner tube.

This 5 year-old boy was Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban child who captured national attention during his highly publicized immigrant custody battle in November 1999. Today Elian is 26.


Elian is living today because DOLPHINS SAVED HIS LIFE.

As a mother, I cry tears of serenity when I hear this tragic story. The silver-lining is knowing that this mother’s greatest hope and prayer of serenity during her darkest moment of despair was answered. Her baby boy survived and got a chance to live…because even after she was gone – a miracle came through.



One could argue that the treacherous depths of racism in America flow deeper than the bodies of water surrounding it. Blacks have been capsized and drowned by a systemic wave of multi-century injustices infested with deadly predators that can be considered “white sharks.” Not great white sharks, but “hate white sharks.”

Examples of “hate white sharks” would be the killers of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Philando Castille, Alton Sterling, , Atatiana Jefferson, Aura Rosser, Stephon Clark, Botham Jean, Michelle Cusseaux, Freddie Gray, Tanisha Fonville, Akai Gurley, Gabriella Nevarez, Tanisha Anderson, Ahaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor…just to name a few of the innocent black victims killed by white sharks, many of which were the very police that should’ve been protecting them.





Dolphins are considered by scientists to be some of the smartest animals on the planet. Many also believe this intelligence transfers into a deeper emotional bond dolphins have with humans. Countless stories have been shared about dolphins that compassionately go above and beyond to save humans in danger like Elian. They are intuitively heroic by nature to protecting humans and fighting off predator sharks seeking to kill them.

It’s painfully obvious that there is a system of racism in America that is just as abnormal, deadly and destructive towards Blacks as the high tide shark infested Atlantic Ocean was to those 10 victims with Elian who’s boat capsized – as well as the millions of Africans who died in the same ocean during the Transatlantic slave trade hundreds of years before.

During this continued racism pandemic in 2020, I ask…


Dolphins for these symbolic purposes are White Americans that understand the systemic waters of racism, swim in them daily with the sharks, yet are courageous and unapologetic enough to fight and take action towards eradicating racism and overthrowing “hate white sharks” whenever they maliciously attack an innocent black human being left stranded in the proverbial American ocean of mass injustice. These Anti-Racist White Americans know the good, the bad, and the ugly to the system – the same way dolphins know the dynamics of the ocean and protect humans who are helpless when isolated alone within it.


Below are several examples of White American “Heroic Dolphins” that stood up and took action against racism and hate crimes:


FIRED? FOR REAL?!? THESE COURAGEOUS POLICE OFFICERS SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN FIRED…THEY SHOULD’VE BEEN AWARDED A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. They are true American heroes that fought to protect what this nation, its constitution, and its flag are supposed to represent. They are HEROES…dare I say, HEROIC DOLPHINS!

Heroic dolphins also show up and stand up against non-violent systemic injustices that are a threat to equality within society.  I personally know a white man who left his corporate 6-figure salary job, in protest of discrimination when he saw a black female candidate be blatantly overlooked for an executive position – as a white male was promoted over her when she was much more qualified with at least three times the credentials and experience.

But you know what was beautiful about that situation? Afterwards when the Black woman launched her own business venture, she immediately hired the White man who left and made him an executive within her firm.

That is an example of the beauty of America, where liberty and justice can be pursued and protected for all. These are the types of actions and sacrifices that must continue to take place by courageous White Americans, as well as Black Americans that can celebrate such moral victories in the war against the greatest threat to democracy, RACISM.

Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”



1.      UNITY: Dolphins Fight Off Sharks In Groups

When dolphins see an aggressive shark they immediately attack it with their entire pod, not giving the shark any chance of survival. All it takes is 2-3 dolphins to frighten a shark and make it go away.  This is why sharks tend to avoid dolphins especially in pods, because the shark is isolated and outnumbered.

If you are a White American that cried or was sick to your stomach when you watched George Floyd suffocate for 8 minutes and 46 seconds because a cop brutally lodged his knee upon his neck and killed him – you have the heart of a dolphin that despises racist “hate white sharks.” You’re also not alone.

Power is in numbers. Stand strong and galvanize like minds in your circle so that you don’t have to fight racism alone. Create new unified fronts on social media, in your career industry, family, police department, and anywhere else you can to fight racial injustice. Create a new collective bond amongst united, loving and fearless heroes like yourself who will have each other’s back – whenever you stand up to have ours.

2. SPEED: Dolphins Swim Incredibly Fast

Dolphins can swim faster than the majority of sharks, making them illusive and not worth hunting down.

Viruses, diseases and pandemics become viral when they aren’t checked IMMEDIATELY. The same way the earliest signs of cancer should be aggressively treated as soon as possible, and the same way the spread of COVID-19 is flattened by the fastest preventive measures – the pandemic of racism must be attacked with aggressive speed. When you see it in the workplace through microaggressions against blacks, on social media or inner circles where a racist stereotype is alluded to, or in the street where a police officer is harassing a black male for no reason – ACT FAST.

Just as importantly…CHECK YOUR OWN BIAS THOUGHTS IN YOUR OWN MIND. You should be as comfortable with blacks in every space of America, just as blacks should be with whites. And you should also be just as disturbed when injustices occur that threaten the fabric of what America is supposed to honor and protect.

Stand up, stand out, and take action as if your life or child’s life depended on it. Because you know what? IT DOES! White Americans must understand that when racism and discrimination is left unchecked, it will continue to spread and breakdown the fabric of a society – ultimately coming to your door, or your children’s doors, or your childrens’ childrens’ doors to destroy anything unable to stop its wrath. And by then it may be too late.

3. POWER: The Killer Whale Effect

What is the biggest species of dolphins? The Killer Whale. They’re the biggest representative of dolphins that hunt for white sharks when extremely hungry. Their massively strong tails can flip the sharks over and make them immobile. Sharks flea from killer whales immediately because they know they will be destroyed.

Isn’t it time that America adopt a killer whale approach to dismantling racism and inequality, to the point of extinction?

I want to believe with all my heart that my parents did not escape a civil war in Ethiopia, live in a refugee camp in the Sudan where I was born, and miraculously make it to America – the place they were told was the land of the free and home of the brave…just for the children and grandkids to witness what looks like a race war eerily similar to the ongoing war they escaped over 40 years ago on the other side of the globe.

C’MON AMERICA! When will it stop. Will Smith said it best, “Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed.”

Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing human beings be killed and oppressed in America because of the color of their skin? IT’S TIME FOR THE ULTIMATE BIG TIME DOLPHINS TO SHOW UP & SHOW OUT!


When will fear stop dominating love in this country? When will racism stop dominating freedom, liberty and justice for all? Where is the same unified innovative spirit of domination that we as Americans exhibit in business, sports and everything else we do to create the Amazons, Apples, Facebooks, and Olympic Dream Teams – when it comes to annihilating the Anti-racism facets of this nation that have no place in the free world. America…cut the BS! Enforce the laws to the highest extent so we all can “Make America GREATER Than Its Forefathers Ever Imagined It To Be!”

That’s what evolution is all about right? We aren’t riding around in the same horses and carriages from the 1700s anymore, because the industrial revolution and invention of cars cannibalized it. Now Tesla is re-inventing the concept of a car today…so soon we won’t even be driving – our cars will be autonomous and DRIVERLESS. We also no longer send telegrams or mail via Pony Express that takes weeks, we send emails from our phone that takes seconds.

So why in the hell would we accept any remnant of our society that reflected a brutally archaic time period hundreds of years ago. All that evolution and innovation should add up to a great Killer Whale futuristic system ensuring the greatest level of unyielding freedom and justice we could ever imagine.


We Deserve it, our kids deserve it, and our kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ deserve it. Yes they deserve to live in a supernatural nation where they are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their spectacular character while riding sensational spaceships around the galaxy at warp speed and having the time of their lives…while also being courageous enough to save other beings on other galaxies as well!


One more thing I want to mention about the brilliance of dolphins. You know what scientists have discovered that makes them so smart? They understand “self-awareness” and can recognize themselves in a mirror. Only the most intelligent animal species can do this. Dolphins will flip around, open their mouths, and do things they never do to see themselves in ways they never could without a mirror.

White Americans with heroic hearts must be willing to do the same. Salute to our Heroic Dolphins that have made sacrifices to fight racism against blacks, but we need so much more. That video clip you saw of George Floyd pleading for his life before being murdered was not just a scene of brutality against a black man. You were looking into a mirror. You are one with the society that allows for that to happen to a fellow American citizen time and time and time again, year after year, decade after decade, century after century. When are you going to face yourself in the societal mirror and permanently change the ugly image you and this beloved nation should’ve never been designed to be?

This mirror should reflect the American Dream, but the image is nothing short of the Un-American Nightmare.

Come on yall…let’s open our minds and hearts and really live the American Dream on a level beyond our wildest dreams, by first eradicating every disgusting outdated devolving element of racism tearing us apart from our highest good. Don’t you want to see what that looks life during our lifetime. Don’t you want our children to see that in theirs?