We’ve all got ‘baggage’ from life experience.

Some deal with that baggage.

Some don’t.

As someone who tends to grab the bull by the horns I’ve always been trying to figure out the latter group of people, because I believe if someone is willing to deal their issues then the ‘how-to’ comes.

I can only guess that it is some combination of:

1. fear of facing the shadow parts of yourself

2. fear of how your life may change when you step into your own power

3. lack of disposable income and time to apply yourself to a transformation and

4. just plain not knowing any better

These can all contribute to the lack incentive for most people who chose to stay in their (un)comfort(able) zone.

So I am here to eliminate those barriers for those of you who need to heal.

1. Though true self-discovery is not for the faint hearted, and facing your shadow self does tend to get worse before it gets better, it is so worth it omg! There is nothing like knowing who you are and therefore what you want. So..

2. yes your life is going to change but for the better. And anything, or anyone you may lose, is always replaced by someone or something that is right for you.

3. Time and money need not be worries, especially at the beginning, take baby steps that don’t cost much of either and by the time you’re on to the steps that need a little more investment you will already be a slightly different person with a slightly different gameplan where money and time come a little bit easier. Trust me on this.

4. I am here to help you to eliminate no.4 of not knowing any better; you must just simply start with your own basic needs!

Once these basic needs are met you will become stable enough to start planning a future that you really want and once you are clear in your plan you can then in a real way apply yourself to focusing on love, with yourself, family, friends and romantically. Once these needs are met they will act as a catalyst for you to explore your true self esteem, which will inevitably allow you to step into to your self-actualisation and therefore true happiness. Simple, eh? But first, back to basics so that this series of events can begin.

Air – practice mastering mindful breathwork, doing mediations, which may lead to journalling and then maybe confiding in a friend, partner or a Therapist about issues you may need to address.

Water – keeping adequately hydrated every day.

Food – make sure you’re getting adequate nutrition, cooking, food prepping, taking supplements, finding out what food works for your Ayurvedic Dosha type and looking after your health as a whole including addressing issues you may have been putting off and working out in whatever way you enjoy be it Yoga, running, walking or dancing in your living room.

Sleep – get enough so that you don’t need caffeine to function! Use essential oils, sound healing or ASMR to help get your 7 – 10 hours (listen to your body on this, we all need different amounts).

Shelter – make sure you have a secure home situation so that you have stability, make a sustainable plan to keep on top of bills and make sure you feel at home there by playing your favourite music and using your favourite colours to decorate.

Clothing – this can be looked at as a broader category of how you express yourself and also materialistic goods, having some nice items is part of self-care and there are so many affordable ways to do this easily now with pre-loved clothing and items.

And finally Reproduction – this relates not just to actually reproducing but how you see yourself as a partner and a carer and how you look after your own beauty and creativity, remember your base Chakra which is the Chakra linked to your sexuality is also heavily linked to your creativity.

I know so much of these sound so obvious and cliché, but most people do not incorporate these basic pleasures of life on a daily basis and it is only when you do that you are truly ready for the next level.. until the next article, get on your path to healing, begin to unfeck yourself and enjoy these simple pleasures folks.