I engaged this weekend and walked away considering every entrepreneur I know is a pioneer, and I discover their success and a correlation between every entrepreneur’s leadership skills. So, which comes first?

 Do you have to be a pioneer before you can be an entrepreneur? Or will you become an entrepreneur and also learn?

I am not the jurisdiction on each subject, but I have swallowed a lot and even created a content on the two. I can’t remember speaker or any author. So, I’m just going to jump in with my thoughts, and I’d welcome others to do the same.

I feel a few have a natural tendency toward being leaders and entrepreneur. But the same people often rely on fail and their abilities creating some of their core abilities and characteristics to fortify their efficacy. It is just like a high school who uses his rate and reflexes to thrive, only to understand the men he’s competing with to get a starting place in faculty all have as much or more natural ability than he has.

Which leads to the next innate leadership and entrepreneurship trends, lots of the abilities that produce leaders and leaders can be learned, developed, practiced, and honed. The leadership class in focused on four skills: vision, communication, business, and synergism.

A few years ago, I worked with a man who was thrust to leadership position. He’d lived a lifetime behind the scenes, where he chose to be, and that’s it. And, so far as textbook definitions move, he was not much of a leader. He shied away from trying to assert his ideas, lacked allure that was natural, and struggled mightily with speaking. In his leadership role he must have failed by every assessment tool. But he thrived. Why? He could because he worked hard to understand and create that which. And were pleased to tolerate any deficiencies or flaws and could see his efforts. His weaknesses became endearing to those he led. I wager you won’t find that in a textbook everywhere!

I discovered Dan Sullivan speak recently, and he said something that I shall never forget-leadership cannot be commoditized. I think the same for entrepreneurship. You just cannot bottle it up and sell it off the shelf? Why? Since entrepreneur and each leader is their distinctive skills, and exceptional, approaches into this result in ways, and characteristics. And a big part of that is because it has to come from the center, meaning because their entrepreneurs and leaders, that there are as many different kinds of leadership and entrepreneurship. Some of the successful and effective entrepreneurs are Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Gastauer.

This is just a start to my thoughts on this topic. In the exact same way that we have no conclusive reply to the question “Which came first-the chicken or the egg?’, entrepreneurship and direction are all so connected and intertwined I do not believe we could really know which came first. Are there some entrepreneurs out there that believe they were the other first or one? I bet the response is unique to every people, further validating the purpose that these areas come from the spirit of each people and the center