#BritneySpears has again hit headlines with a growing #FreeBritney movement.

Recently released, ‘The #NewYorkTimes Presents #FramingBritneySpears.’ an unauthorized documentary by Samantha Sparks considers the treatment of Britney Spears by media, fans, family and government authorities during her emotional collapse a decade ago.

The freeing Britney movement now in progress reveals that a cultural norm of trivializing, devaluing and minimizing of women is changing.

Rachel Quilty, the Brand Architect at Jump the Q, stated that, “Sadly, important personal brand moments captured by media or personally posted can cause enormous devastation to your brand reputation and credibility which was the case for Britney.”

Many recall the moments captured that implied her health was deteriorating and she needed court ordered conservatorship by her father, Jamie Spears. Similarly, after a single brand moment went viral of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction her status was sabotaged, and each #Superbowl that moment is framed as ‘Remember #JanetJackson day.

‘Fortunately, we can celebrate the strength of these women who have overcame incredible obstacles to remain true to themselves and to re-build their personal brands using their business acumen and work ethic underpinned by implementing well known branding principles.’, Quilty stated. Jump the Q has generously gifted readers a complimentary brand journal and blueprint. Obtain your copy at BrandYourselfBlueprint.com.

Spears despite have 27.5 million Instagram followers, her own successful #Superbowl performance and a three-year Las Vegas contract, her capacity to care for herself after ten years is still questioned and determined by the courts.

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What was even more disturbing about these series of events was how an exhausted, emotional episode by Spears could result in her world being completely changed.

Britney recently hit back at trolls who criticized her appearance while practicing her new dance routine.

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As seen in the #MariahCarey interview on her autobiography ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey’ with ‘The Oprah Conversations’ on Apple TV+, Carey also revealed how at the peak of her career, tired exhausted after leaving one abusive relationship with her then husband, Sony Executive, she had an emotional breakdown. Instead of finding a safe haven with family, her mother called 911.

Despite her wealth and celebrity as a young woman she was taken away as believing her mother who stated she had mental health issues. The result was almost career destroying as Carey was unable to fulfill contractual obligations and her ‘Glitter’ album and tour failed to chart well.

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Carey’s celebrity status was questioned with her brand reputation and credibility in serious trouble.

The bitter experience of Mariah is reminiscent of the treatment of Britney Spears who had a similar journey with separation, stardom and lack of genuine family support the then cultural norm.

This issue was recently highlighted in the treatment of #CareyMulligan by #Variety Critic in #MargoRobbie’s newly produced ‘Promising Young Women’ which ironically also considers how women are treated after abuse.

While the #MeToo campaign addressed workplace abuse of women, the sub-narrative of the movement was that women needed to be treated with equal value to men, to be recognized for the expertise and performance rather than their appearance, race and sexuality.

Even Spears’ boyfriend #SamAsghari has raised concerns of emotional abuse, claiming that #JamieSpear’s was continual “trying to control” his relationship with her and others.

We can see within the Spears saga the importance of cultural norms, evident in the Spears #Conservatory case. These cultural norms gained global attention following #BreneBrown’s #TEDx talk on #Shame , sparking a book publishing deal and a guest appearance on #TheOprahShow.

Prof Brene Brown, has been a strong advocate for initially recognising #culturenorms and addressing the inequality that is exposed. Most people have been conditioned with these same cultural norms so they are systemic within our first world societies.

#UniversityofCanberra’s professor of law #PatriciaEasteal AM recently revealed these cultural norms were explicitly expressed by media included, “the perpetuation of mythology about violence against women, sensationalism, a shifting of blame and agency and a lack of social context.. that physical and sexual violence, particularly fatal events, were reported far more frequently than other forms of gender-based violence, such as emotional abuse, threats of violence and sexual harassment.”

Within Australia, we have seen some resistance by authorities to investigate #psychologicalharm, #gaslighting and financial harm within the context of family and #domesticviolence issue.

Professor Easteal said that among the outcomes of the research was the tendency of the media to reference women’s behaviour, which infers mutual responsibility in the abuse.

One of initial markers of psychological abuse is identified when an individual starts tracking the movements of their partner or even more serious their ex-partner. The use and sale of tracking devices for nefarious intentions were seen in recent #TikTok post by a mechanic who responded to his female clients concern that she was been tracked. The #mechanic inspected the car, acting on his concern for his client. With over 2.5 million views the mechanic has responded saying they find #trackingdevice all the time.

 While the treatment of Spears has led to #JustingTimberlake facing calls to apologise as his treatment of Britney over their break up has been called into question. It too was captured in Framing Britney Spears, a new documentary co-produced by The New York Times,.

An Australian Professor at the University of Melbourne, Dr Rosewarne she’s observed the biggest change has been that, “social media has allowed celebrities to get a counter narrative out to the public.”

This issue was recently highlighted in the treatment of #CareyMulligan by #Variety Critic in #MargoRobbie’s newly produced ‘Promising Young Women’ which ironically also considers how women are treated after abuse.

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Have you ever had a moment that affected your personal brand?

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Who Framed Britney Spears: Importance of Brand Moments brings home the importance of protecting your brand reputation and brand creditability.

#BritneySpears has again hit headlines with a growing #FreeBritney movement despite her past success at #SuperBowl . Her brand reputation has been undermined by a past negative Brand Moment. Create your own positive brand moments with Jump the Q’s complimentary Brand Journal [email protected] a branding blueprint for success.

While #JanetJackson made a brand moment very spectacular which we all remember. It is great to recognize the great performances of past #SuperBowlSunday #halftimeshow celebrities were 2021: #TheWeeknd 2020: #JenniferLopez and #Shakira 2019: #Maroon5, #TravisScott, #BigBoi 2018: #JustinTimberlake

A positive mindset seemed to be the theme of #Superbowl 2021, with #KansasCityChiefs going down to #TomBrady and the #TampaBayBuccaneers and the #NFL should be applauded for supporting women in a history making #SuperBowl LV.

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