Dreams about teeth falling out are fairly common at bedtime.

And while most of us ignore these dreams, Alison Egan turned an idea that came to her in a dream into a multi-million dollar teeth whitening business.

And so mobile service Sparkling White Smile was launched in 2014 after she saw an opening in the Australian market amid a lack of affordable cosmetic teeth whitening.

Charging $300 per one-and-a-half-hour session in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast and Brisbane, the company now treats 500 clients a week.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the now 23-year-old entrepreneur, from Sydney, revealed the secrets to success.

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Alison Egan (pictured) had a dream in her sleep about having sparkling white teeth – five years later, she has turned that thought into a multi-million dollar teeth whitening business

Delivering professional teeth whitening in the comfort of your home, the company promises instant results, lightening teeth from five to 14 shades in just one visit

The idea to start her own company sprung into mind after she had a dream in her sleep about having sparkling white teeth. 

‘So I literally had a dream, I was getting my teeth whitened. I went to work the next day and I started looking at teeth whitening online,’ she said, laughing.

‘And that’s how the business idea came up, and I thought I’d run with it.’

With no income saved, the then-20-year-old turned to her family for financial help.

After begging her parents for three days to help her out with the purchase of her equipment, they decided to loan her $10,000.

‘It took me three days to convince my parents to give me the funds so I can start my business,’ she said.

Her clients range from brides and A-list celebrities, including PR queen Roxy Jacenko

Juggling the side job, she set herself a target of treating just five clients a week.

‘I was working as a mental health nurse, and studying at university, so I was enjoying this business as a hobby,’ she said.

‘My biggest dream was… I told my mum if I could do five clients every Saturday, I would be able to live out of home and buy my own house.

‘Now we’re treating 500 clients a week.’

As her business became a popular demand, Alison decided to turn the hobby into a full-time career – walking away from her job as a mental health nurse and not completing her university degree.

‘I was working 18 hours a day, seven days a week,’ she said.

‘Five years ago, it was all word of mouth but I took the thing seriously around two years ago. I cleaned up my Instagram and started posting before and after photos.

‘It pretty much blew up from there.’

Australian model Belle Lucia (pictured) is among the clients of the teeth whitening brand

Model Natalie Roser (left) and bikini model Hannah Perera (right) also use the mobile service

Despite treating 500 clients a week around the country, Alison admitted her business didn’t come so easy. 

‘The biggest challenge for me was lack of sleep,’ she said.

‘I’m the kind of person who won’t stop. I’m always doing one thing and then onto the next straight away, I can’t switch off.

‘I scarified so much as such a young age. It was very hard to see my friends. But I have an amazing group of friends and they were extremely supportive of my career.’

Delivering professional teeth whitening in the comfort of your home, the company promises instant results, lightening teeth from five to 14 shades in just one visit.

The treatment incorporates peroxide gels, laser accelerator lamp to rapidly activate the whitening gel and of course, their highly trained and dedicated technicians.

Her clients range from brides to A-list celebrities, including models, actresses, television presenters, professional athletes and social media influencers.

‘We have a massive clientele in the wedding industry, we also have a lot of bloggers, high-end people, I treat a lot of lawyers, young girls and people in fashion,’ she said. 

Clients range from brides to A-list celebrities, including Roxy and her mother Doreen Jacenko

The treatment incorporates peroxide gels and laser accelerator lamp to activate the gel

And the best part of her job?

‘I love seeing people happy,’ Alison said.

‘I love see their smiles, and how they love their teeth – it’s the best feeling ever, so amazing. You become best friends with your clients.

‘It just melts your heart when I leave their house and they feel good about themselves. It really makes you believe in yourself.

‘I don’t wake up everyday thinking I’m going to work, I actually feel like I work for my hobby. I’m still working 18 hours a day but it doesn’t feel like that at all.

‘I just love everything about my job.’

For those who want to start their own business, Alison said: ‘Don’t give up.

‘Follow your dreams and they will come true if you make it come true. Hard work pays off at the end of the day. And the good days will always outshine the bad.

‘I know there’s so much to grow in my career. I don’t take this for granted, I’m humble and I learn every single day. 

‘The more you talk and listen, the more you see. That’s how I learn.’