As if being a Harvard student wasn’t already a big accomplishment, Aurora Coulange has built up the resume of a political maven at only 25.

Her name has been cited in some of the biggest Democratic campaigns on many levels, most notably in Florida, California, and New York.  Aurora has been deeply committed to justice, equality, women’s rights, and fair treatment for all people. This young woman leaves us wondering how she does it.

Recently, Aurora took to social media and gave us the answer we’ve all been waiting for. She says: “I found my power in contributing to society without showing my hand.”

Let’s admit that we’ve all tried doing the same, yet still can’t seem to get the hang of it. We’ve come to the conclusion that it may take more than just a try to fit in such shoes. We sat down with Aurora to understand her take on balance between life, school, and work. The young woman recently took a leave of absence from Harvard to launch the #StrongBlackWomen movement in order to bring a global focus on a much needed conversation on Black feminism. The newly launched global movement through which Black women unite and stand on the front line to fight against social and racial injustices is one of many endeavors for the political strategist.

“Creating a movement of unity to fight against all kinds of injustices, whether in the courtroom or outside. From the media to the beauty industry, we need representation everywhere,” Coulange tells us.

At the core of this cause, the experience with the lack of attention and understanding on Black women’s concerns in society. For Coulange, a balanced lifestyle is essential to world change.

“When I thought of starting #StrongBlackWomen, I knew it’d take a lot of work. I had to deeply think of the message I wanted to communicate through this movement about Black feminism and Black women empowerment,” she told ThriveGlobal.

For Coulange, trying to do it all at once only became a frustration. She explains how she found balance in giving her all in one project at a time without forgetting about the bigger picture.

“I had to be honest and ask myself triggering questions about how well I could balance work, life, and school altogether. This is when I understood that finding balance starts with awareness of self. I isolated myself on purpose. I focused on my top priorities: faith, health, and wellness.  At the time, I felt the importance to constantly confront myself. Finding alone time forced me to dig deeper, but most importantly, it forced me to question my fears and life goals out loud in order reorganize my approach on work. It became a part of my journey to find and understand the true meaning of balance,” Coulange told ThriveGlobal.

Aurora Coulange is a woman with a bright future ahead and a powerful asset to the feminist movement. She admits that change does not come easy within the world, and the process to find balance to create change. Therefore, if you aspire to create change like this young woman, take time. The first step is to find oneself and create change within as balance starts on the inside.