With his grandpa’s camera in tow, Steven Hadjez Darty found his passion for photography a while back during a three-month trip across India eleven years ago. While the 30-year-old notes that his equipment has drastically changed since this life-changing trip, his fondness for photographing hasn’t. This enduring interest is particularly evident in his drone photography, which showcases amazing aerial views cities around the world.

From the lush forests of Brazil to the lakes of Switzerland, these photographs give viewers a glimpse of the world from above. With their vivid color palettes and expertly-crafted compositions, the photographs show the beautiful countries from a new perspective.

Given his affinity for South America, it comes as no surprise that Hadjez Darty’s most memorable drone photograph was taken in Colombia. “My favorite photo ever taken needs to be a drone shot I took near Medellin, of a neighbor kid on a rooftop near Mount Mayon— the most dangerous neighborhood in South America,” he tells ThriveGlobal. “The conditions that day were unbelievable! We arrived to the area and it was drizzling and we were worried about being able to take the photos we had in mind, when all of a sudden the clouds started parting and an insane light appeared out of nowhere!”

Similarly, he notes that Colombia has hosted two of his most unforgettable vacations. During a trip to the Rosario’s Island, “a little piece of heaven with beautiful coral reef all around it, incredible wildlife, and just an all-out magical vibe,” he enjoyed living like a local. And in Brazil, he was astounded by the diversity of the landscapes and the eye-opening shift in culture he experienced.

So, where is Hadjez Darty heading next? Film making! Having studied cinema in the US and graduating from film school, he created his own production company and had the honor to show his first short film at the Cannes film festival: The Mechanics of the Heart.

Following the festival, he went on to direct his first feature film. Hadjez Darty is now sailing toward new horizons, as he is entering production on a major motion picture with Sony Picture, as well as developing new projects for Netflix.

Steven Hadjez Darty gained momentum on Instagram, where he is known as The Sky Explorer, an account he originally started anonymously, before he revealed his identity when reaching the 100k followers mark!



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