Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Do we mirror each other too?

How we feel, How we act.

Like an unknown master pulling strings of a puppet.

We are affected by the way others are.

Their words, their tone, their action.

Yet we believe we are our fate’s master

What a beautiful delusion.

“Why is this so?” some will ask,

“What a scary thing to say!”

The rumor is that we have mirror neurons

that keep us imitating all day.

“A mind that is not my own you say?!

How could this ever be?!

I thought we made it clear:

we steer our course at sea!”

You’re right, we do. We steer our course through the roughest seas

But where we land, depends alot on the winds and man’s abilities.

We mirror the movements of the world: both nature and human kind.

It takes true strength within our ourselves to steer with our own mind.

And thus the moral is like so, meant as brainy wisdom.

Be conscious of people’s effect on your precious cerebrum.

Put effort to think and decide yourself who you wish to be.

And in the moment, for better I pray, you become the captain of your destiny.