My brother died since writing the last post.

I’ve learned a lot these past few weeks about life and death and I’m grateful for the time I was able to spend with Josh before he passed. His courageous fight in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, in a more than two-decades-long battle with pancreatic cancer, is such an inspiration. I’m so very proud to get to call Josh my brother. He squeezed every ounce out of life until his very last breath. He loved triathlons, motorcycles, milkshakes and his dog, Chloe.

According to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation, he should have died in the first year. Not my brother. Josh showed up every single day for over 22 years after his diagnosis. He went to work on Wednesday and was found unresponsive and, subsequently, checked into hospice that Friday. He died Tuesday, July 30th.

His heart was as big as the sun and his light shined through in how he showed up every single day to serve. He refused to give up, even though he could have long ago. I believe my brothers’ perseverance against all odds is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of selfless service. Josh was so subconsciously selfless it’s been etched into his legacy, and there are so many lessons to be learned.

Despite the fact that I’ll never get to see my brother again, I’ve truly never been in a better state. I’m regularly in a state of flow. I am more conscious and connected than ever before and I feel a deep sense of meaning, gratitude, and love for life and all of the world’s abounding opportunities. My brother’s death has given me life. I will continue to shine bright, if for no other reason, than for him. 

If Josh’s life is a testament to anything, it’s a testament to the power of service. No matter where you are in your life, you can find, peace, happiness, and growth in service. All of us have something to offer the world. Through service, you can find out just what that is. I challenge all readers still with me to commit this month to small acts of service. Whether your time or your money, your skills or your smile, we all can find some ways to serve.

Who will you shine bright for?

Don’t know where to start?