Photo by Ethan Hu on Unsplash

Friends are one of the most beautiful gift we have in this world. At times you cannot share things with your loved ones but you can do with your friends. Whether you are in stress, you got a new job, promotion, happiness or sadness, any situation you are in, friends are always there to listen to you.

Most people have lot of friends but there are very few of them which are close and there are very rare which fit into the category of 3 a.m. ones. How do you define 3 a.m. friends? Those friends who are there to you to listen at any hour of the day. These type of friends are very scarce but if you have any, you have nothing less than gold. Never let them go.

Do you have any 3 a.m. friend? If not, ask this question from yourself: Are you a 3 a.m. friend for anyone? If you want a 3 a.m. friend, you should be the one too. Although it is practically not possible to be there for someone all the time. But, it is important to be there at the important moments. If your friend is going through a tough situation, try to support them in every possible way especially when it is an emotional state because it is usually the most toughest one to deal with.

You need not be physically present but you can connect via call or chat. In today’s world, we have lot of hacks to communicate with each other, be it a phone, e-mail, messengers and what not. Just a feeling of being in touch makes other person feel connected.

3 a.m. friends stand a unique place in our hearts. They have a special quality that no matter for how long you are not talking to each other, the moment you connect you regain the comfort. Every relationship has ups and downs, so can be with 3 a.m. friends too.

If you have a 3 a.m. friend, make sure you also be the 3 a.m. friend for them. Don’t let your ego come in between for a petty issue. If your friend is angry, reach out to them as many times as you can. Love from a friend is equally precious. Good friends bring out the best qualities in you.

A true friend will always suggest you the right things. Whether you are right or wrong, your friend will always go with the right one. Friends are your best critiques. They are your best appreciators, best secret keepers and best leg-pullers. Some of them might not say on your face but they will always have good words for you in front of everyone else. A real friend can fight with you but will fight for you in front of others.

If you ever come to know that your friend has spoken bad about you, he/she is not your true friend then. Don’t ever take your friends for granted and don’t let any of friend them do this to you. It is good to be there for each other but if it is only one sided, it is completely selfish. If that is the case, you do not need to melt yourself for them. Just love yourself. You are no less than your best friend !