What does it take to be heard from your home office?

What I’ve discovered about getting – and keeping – a seat at the table is that some folks don’t even require a four-legged solution, with a cushion, in order to feel comfortable.  I know, because I’m one of them. In my home office, I have what’s called a treadmill desk. Some might say I’ve decided to take a stand against sitting in a chair.

An Object In Motion Stays in Motion 

Here’s why: it’s been said that sitting is the new smoking. That’s right. Sitting down all day seems harmless at first but it’s actually bad for your health. Our bodies were designed for motion. Sit/stand desks allow you to get on your feet – aligning your body and getting your blood flowing in the way that even the most comfortable office chair never could.  

The treadmill desk looks exactly like it sounds: a simple treadmill – not nearly as big or elaborate as what you would see at the gym – sits in the corner of my home office. The treadmill is fairly small, but still gives enough room for a good stride.  At the front, held up by two grey pillars, an adjustable-height desk. The desk is wraparound style: looking at it from up above, it’s shaped like a kidney bean.  There’s an indentation in the center (so I can walk comfortably and be close to my laptop). On either side, small wings hold notepads, a water bottle and other office paraphernalia.

The most important thing, next to my laptop (and it’s right next to my laptop) is a small table lamp. Because, in my line of work, I need to be seen and heard – just like you do.   The treadmill desk gives me everything I need, right at my fingertips – plus, I can still hit my Fitbit goals and get in those 10,000 steps per day.

Small Steps, Big Gains

I’m also a big fan of multitasking, so walking while I type this blog is just how I roll. (But never rolling faster than 2 mph, because that’s the maximum speed. Turns out that anything faster than a normal walking pace can cause a misstep. Believe me, losing your footing is a lot worse than a typo when you’re on a treadmill). On a video call or delivering a virtual keynote, my world is at a standstill – I don’t walk. But I’m still standing, because that’s how I feel most comfortable delivering the kind of work that I do.

And did you know that you can get going on a treadmill desk for as low as $400? Since the desk contributes positively to health and wellness, you can qualify to use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) for the purchase. When I got mine, I experienced increased productivity, increased movement, decreased anxiety…and a diminishing waistline.

Elevate Yourself

If a treadmill desk is beyond your budget or too sizable for your space, experiment with options to stand and deliver.  Place a few boxes or books under your laptop, and stand for 30 minute working increments.  Changing positions helps change your mindset.  And your results. 

What’s working best for you? Share your office setup and your ideas here or @karenmangia And connect at http://www.linkedin.com/in/karenmangia