The appearance of a modern man should not just make him attractive, but express his inner world and emphasize his individuality. It is vital to create your own style. The main role in the image of each man is played by accessories. That is why every guy who considers himself to be stylish should take a closer look at biker accessories. Not only do they boast an appealing design but also able to add a touch of machismo and charisma to your image. Skull bracelets are a staple of men’s jewelry.

Today, biker accessories and skull bracelets have become particularly popular. They are adored by stylish young people who want to stand out. Mature and solid men enjoy biker-themed items as well due to their simplicity, originality, and bold designs.

Severn Reasons to Buy a Biker Bracelet

There are many running themes in biker bracelets, so why should you buy a skull bracelet? Here are 7 reasons why every man will benefit from a skull bracelet:

1. One of a kind. Since these accessories are extremely popular, jewelry brands have come up with hundreds of designs, models, and styles. For instance, Bikerringshop, one of the most prominent biker jewelry manufacturers, creates skull bracelets of silver, leather, and natural gems. Their skulls feature red ruby eyes, skeleton bones, chains, and even look like dinosaurs. Moreover, all these pieces are made by hand. You will definitely stand out from the crowd with hand-made jewelry.

2. Skull bracelets are an essential accessory for any outfit and occasion. They will become a highlight of any image. No matter what style you prefer – a t-shirt with jeans, Hawaiian shirt, classic polo, head-to-toe biker apparel, or even a prim suit, a properly chosen bracelet will make your look irresistible. The cool thing about a bracelet is that you can hide it under the sleeve if you don’t want all eyes on it during the business hour. At the same time, you’ll know that it is there and it is waiting for its time to shine in the more informal ambiance.

3. Prices every man can afford. Biker jewelry is not about prestige, luxury, and status. It is about self-assertion, freedom, boldness, and the spirit of fraternity. That’s why price tags attached to skull bracelets won’t make your hair stand on end. Even hand-made biker jewelry features affordable cost. To make your look even more organic and flawless, you can purchase several pieces with varying styles, materials, and colors, and rock them according to a particular occasion, outfit, or mood.

4. You will surely draw attention to your persona if you complement your image with an original and statement accessory. Stylists and fashion professionals confirm that girls are crazy about men who have their own style. With a bold and hard-to-ignore bracelet, you’ll let them know that you are a confident and tough guy.

5. A skull bracelet can become your personal talisman. Contrary to the popular belief that a skull is associated with death, in many cultures, a skull symbolized immortality. Bikers believe in magical properties of a skull, too. They consider it to be their guardian angel who will save from accident, injuries, and death. So, if you believe in supernatural abilities of a skull bracelet, you can get a powerful amulet to give you peace of mind.

6. If you enjoy riding and have many friends among bikers, you just have to denote your belonging to motorcycling fraternity. This community is pretty democratic so unless you’re a member of a motorcycle club, you don’t have to wear any insignia or uniform. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to have something such as an accessory to manifest that you are a motorcycle enthusiast and you share bikers’ believes and philosophy.

7. Skull bracelets are available in many colors and materials. The most popular choice is silver bracelets that masterfully combine iconic look, outstanding durability, and reasonable price. If you are looking for something even more affordable, designers offer many models made of leather and steel. Whether you are interested in a piece with wow-effect, look closely at natural onyx bead bracelets.

Although biker bracelets haven’t earned the status of iconic jewelry pieces, their popularity makes us believe that these cool-looking items are here to stay. And this is great news for every stylish and bold man.