The coronavirus pandemic has created a massive shift in how we shop, work, or book an appointment at the hairdresser’s. Businesses had to adjust fast to survive, but what does it take to have a thriving business during COVID-19?
Let’s be honest, it is rather impressive how fast your regular coffee shop has adapted to the new normal. The whole place is covered in stickers telling you how they are protecting their staff so they can continue serving you.

Those signs even go in line with their branding colors. Whoever jumped on that wagon did an amazing job. If you Google ‘social distancing stickers’, you’ll get over 270 000 results. That’s what I got at the time of writing this at the end of August 2020.
I’m not here to tell you that you should get rid of your floor stickers for social distancing, but the truth is that this won’t be enough to ensure that your business is not just surviving, but it’s actually thriving.

Are you focusing on income generating activities?

I don’t want to brag too much since I’m British and that’s just not what we do. However, after being in the marketing industry for 10 years, I’m quite an expert when it comes to getting quality leads.
I have worked with many executive teams that are spending millions on their branding, images and their legacy, but sometimes they forget to ensure that their ideal customer actually lands on their website and does not leave with an empty cart.
My name is Ross Jenkins and I’m the founder of the marketing agency DigitalME. I do exactly what every business needs today to make sure they can stay relevant and continue serving their customers during the global pandemic.
I don’t make social distancing stickers, but I know how to simplify processes in your company by automating the services, how to build your presence online and how ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft can help you generate more leads.

How to have a thriving business during COVID-19

Let’s go back to your favorite coffee shop. Sorry, if you don’t drink coffee.

It’s very likely that during the lockdown your local artisan coffee place was shut and had no business at all. However, a great social media strategy, well targeted online ads, an email list, and an online shop could have helped them sell a great amount of goods online. It could have also prepared them well for when customers are able to visit their physical café again.

Meanwhile some coffee places are so adaptive and creative that they’re making face masks with their company’s branding. How is your business adapting during the global pandemic?

One thing that COVID-19 has taught us all is that you can’t just rely on your staff to generate income. You must have systems in place. I also know that you’re extremely busy and trying to figure out email marketing and PPC is the last thing you want to do. That’s why I love doing what I do.

At my marketing agency DigitalME you have a team of experts working for you to ensure that your business is thriving in this new world order. Visit to learn more.