I see so many women NOT standing in their significance. ⠀

Not stepping up as the expert. ⠀

Not being seen. ⠀

Not charging enough. ⠀

Not tracking or protecting her value AND not creating the ‘real idea’ in the first place. ⠀

Or not managing to create the support structures and boundaries they need to get there so they end up resenting and wondering wtf am I doing this anyway….⠀

And WTF are you? It’s a good question.

How is staying insignificant serving you? ⠀

A Woman in significance has strong values which drive her forward and help her to decipher what is important and what is not. 

After all, if you are stepping into something of more significance and more importance – how can you do that if you don’t know what is important to you at your core? 

Values are an important filter with which you view the world and they also drive you forward in the tough times underpinning so many of your decisions in how you manage your money, market your business and how you serve others. 

If you’re not acting in accordance with your personal and business values – then something is bound to feel off – even if can’t articulate it. 

Yet values are not stagnant – they flow, there is movement and they change/evolve as you do. 

At each stage of discovering your ‘significance’ – you must go deeper with your values. 

Ask the question, what are the values which will be driving you forward in 2020?  

And what support do you need to get there?


  • Lulu Minns

    Advocate and Award Winning Coach

    Guiding Women to free themselves from positions to prestige to businesses of significance. Coach, Advocate, Community Builder and Podcast Host of She Rebel Radio on ITUNES.