The beauty and hair industry has immersed heavily—now more than ever. The industry has become part of the movement known as the experience economy. Customers are more concerned about the experience they are receiving and the quality of their products. Individuals want to involved and aware and Alonzo Arnold knows all too well how it has impacted his ability to reach the ultimate success.

A gifted individual with a unique talent, Alonzo Arnold is known as one of the most appreciated hair experts. Since 2012, Alonzo has devoted himself to mastering hair styling and through his growth, he has gained a huge fan base across the world. He specializes in beautifying hair extensions and does so by achieving a complete natural look. His work ethic, incredible talent and distinguished personality has enabled him to be trusted by high profile clients. From working with celebrities like Cardi B, Remy Ma, Porsha Williams and several others, Alonzo is the go to expert for wigs and overall hairstyling.

Alonzo’s Unique Personality

As a renowned hair expert, Alonzo has successfully built an empire. His passionate heart and willingness to be the best version he can be has been crucial to his success.  He is consistent in the work he posts online and through social media, his followers are able to get a glimpse of who he is as a person. Individuals trust him because he forms a unique experience in everything he does—from his work to his lifestyle. He has a blast doing hair and those around him admire that. They admire Alonzo’s ability to make the most of each experience as he transmit a culture of trust and comfortability.

Alonzo is assertive when he says that nobody wants a boring hairstylist. He lives by this as he knows that it is all about the clients experience and the quality of the products he distributes. The wigs Alonzo creates are just a small part of the journey with him, he takes the time to get to know you and build a genuine connection.

Alonzo Constructs a Culture of Inspiration

For Alonzo to work with high profile clients means that he is surrounded by the people he looks up to the most. That concept is so important to him because he is able to construct a unique culture that only elevates the clients perspective of the work he does. His admiration for the people he works with creates an exciting environment in which the very best is achieved. Alonzo is able to create masterpieces by customizing each look.

Because he is working with talented individuals, he is transmitted an even bigger motivation to work harder than ever. Alonzo is a hustler and he ensures that what he is producing measures up to the quality of his talent. He believes that being able to network and hear their own stories serves as a inspiration to continue growing and learning.

Alonzo Loves What He Does and so do Others

Alonzo’s commitment to his work has opened unimaginable doors for him. Working for people who he admires and being admired for the work he does is something he wouldn’t trade for the world. The love he exudes in the wigs he creates goes to show what one dream can lead to. Alonzo creates art in unique ways. He could create wigs according to how he is feeling or an idea comes to mind from a specific color—he makes things happens.

He is also amazed at the outcomes that come from his love for hair. Not only is Alonzo making things happen but he is changing the lives of others. He has helped clients who suffer from auto immune diseases. He is able to boost their confidence and ultimately change their life for the better. His fan base across the world continues to multiply and it all started because he chose to follow his love for hair styling and there is no bigger blessing than that. Alonzo loves what he does and so does the world who follows him. He is leading the industry because he builds a trust like no other.