Being an emotionally strong woman is the goal of every woman I know. And it should be.

We are all plagued with emotional issues from our past and present and, as a result, they can bring us down. They can make it impossible for us to be our true selves and get the life and the love that we want.

There are ways to get to be an emotionally strong woman – click this link to learn more.

In my work with clients, educating them on why emotionally strong woman gets what she wants every time is the best motivation for striving to be one!

Here are 5 reasons why an emotionally strong woman gets what she wants in a relationship every time!

#1 – She knows what she wants…

The number one defining trait of an emotionally strong woman is that she knows what she wants. An emotionally strong woman has taken the time to define what is important to her so that she can live the life she wants to live.

Instead of saying she wants ‘to be happy’ in her relationship, she is more specific. She wants quality time, she wants to feel loved, she wants to trust her person and she wants open communication.

Once she knows what she wants, she can go after it. She can ask her partner for quality time, she can help him understand what she needs to feel loved, she can speak up if she feels like he is being dishonest and she can encourage both of them to communicate effectively.

If you can take the time to figure out what you want, you will be one step closer to being the emotionally strong woman you want to be.

#2 – …and she is willing to ask for it.

I can’t tell you how many of my clients have some sense of what they want in a relationship but find that they are unwilling, or unable, to ask for it.

They say they want quality time but they pretend they are ok when their partner goes out AGAIN. They say they want trust but don’t speak up when they are being deceived. Instead of encouraging conversation, they are passive aggressive and close down when they are upset.

An essential part of being an emotionally strong woman means not only knowing what you want but also being able to reach out and take it.

Can you stand up for yourself in a relationship? Can you tell your partner what you want/need and not settle for anything less? If you can, you are being an emotionally strong woman, one who can find the love and happiness that she desires.

#3 – She values herself.

I have a client who is a psychiatrist. She has been professionally trained to help people process their thoughts and work through issues. She is very good at what she does.

Unfortunately, when she gets into a relationship she brings her training with her.

And what happens? She gives and she gives and she gives to her partner, helping them process their stuff. She wants to help them find health and happiness, just like she does her clients. And, in the process, she lets herself get sucked dry.

An emotionally strong woman will make sure that she values herself in a relationship. That she is willing to love but also to be loved. She does things for her person but allows things be done for her too. She knows that she deserves to be loved and respected and she won’t settle for anything less.

What are you like in a relationship? Do you give and give and give and expect nothing in return? Is doing so sucking you dry? If yes, take a step back and start asking for what you need. If your partner isn’t willing to try to give it to you, walk away.

An emotionally strong woman would do just that!

#4 – She has control of her emotions.

Are you one of those people who gets angered easily? Does it take no more than a few eyerolls to trigger you to yell and scream?

Are you someone who cries at the drop of the hat? Someone who no one can talk to because you are so sensitive and fragile?

Are you someone who gets up and walks away when something isn’t going the way you want it to?

An emotionally strong doesn’t do any of those things. An emotionally strong woman takes a deep breath when she feels anger coming up. She doesn’t stifle her tears but she doesn’t let them interfere with processing an issue. And she never, never walks away from a situation. She stays and she deals and she settles things.

Pay attention to your emotions. Having control of them will help you get the life and the love that you want.

#5 – She doesn’t waste any time.

‘Life is short’ is the motto of any emotionally strong woman.

Have you been stuck in a toxic relationship, hoping for things to change, hoping for things to go back to the way they were, hoping that your person will just become the person you know they could be?  Have you been waiting for days, months or even years for this to happen?

An emotionally strong woman doesn’t do that. An emotionally strong woman identifies the issues in her relationship, is proactive in trying to fix them and, if she can’t, she walks away.

No excuses about how she isn’t a quitter or how if she just loves him enough he will change. She recognizes when done is done and moves on.

And that is why an emotionally strong woman gets what she wants in a relationship every time. Because she knows that the longer she sticks around, the less likely it is that she will find the love that she wants and deserves.

So now you understand why an emotionally strong woman gets what she wants in a relationship every time.

She knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. She values herself, she controls her emotions and she doesn’t waste any time.

I hope this article has been inspirational for you, that you have seen that getting the life that you want is possible – you just need to find that strong inner you!

She is in there! I promise!