Why Appreciation is the Glue to Your Success

Gratitude or appreciation. Tomato or tomahto, right? For me, I prefer appreciation over gratitude. It could have something to do with my severe lack of appreciation over a decade ago. After living in London and traveling the world for a summer back in 2004, I had to come home for responsibilities. It was then I lost my way for a few years; until one day I had an awakening whiling sitting in my grey office cubical for my 9-5.

I was sixty-five pounds overweight, depressed, and lonely. Yet, there I was, in my 20’s with a good salary and living at home for free and a gym directly across the street from my office building.

It was at that moment I realized I need to have more appreciation for the life I have had so far and all the amazing experiences—and to stop feeling sorry for myself. It was at that moment I accepted responsibility for my choices, actions, and results because I created them. 

Fast forward over a decade and I’m now teaching and coaching others about Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement—it’s my “Get All A’s formula.

Appreciation Leads to Success

Over the years I have discovered the daily patterns that play a huge role in my personal achievements, as well as all the women I have helped.

For so long I was stuck, blaming, in debt, overweight, and throwing my own pity parties I was missing the big picture. It takes a huge amount of fortitude and motivation to accept what is—especially when you don’t like your current circumstance or situation.  I know many of us can relate to this as we journey through a pandemic.

So how do you cultivate daily appreciation when you’re facing a pandemic or any other life obstacle? 

First, with awareness and acceptance of your circumstances, you’ll discover that resources are at your disposal for support, growth, and transformation. When you lack the awareness and resist accepting what is, you become stuck.

Embracing and expressing appreciation works and there’s even science to prove it. There’s a happiness study from Oxford University that shows how appreciation is the glue to happiness, which in my opinion is the glue to success. Studies show that if you express just 3 appreciations per day for 30 days, your happiness will increase. Pretty amazing and pretty simple, but yet many of us fight this daily practice.  

What happens when you’re happier?  

You take more positive actions, which lead to more positive results in your life. 

What are some of the things you appreciate?

For me during a pandemic, I appreciate my health and that my family has been okay. I appreciate that I’ve had over 5 family members recover from COVID. I appreciate my warm coffee in the morning with coconut oil. I feel like it’s my spa in a cup. 

I appreciate my husband and his hard work. I appreciate my hard work as a Mompreneur—showing up daily to give my best as a mother, wife, and business owner. 

I appreciate my twins, pushing me to practice patience, especially with cyberschool. I appreciate communities like Thrive Global, Facebook, Instagram, and the digital space that has kept me connected during lonelier times. 

I could go on and on my friends because this feels so good. With this being a daily practice of mine, it’s become natural for me. The same can happen to you. 

I encourage you to create a daily appreciation practice for your happiness and ultimately your success.  

It’s your turn. I invite you to share your appreciation.