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By Adil Razvi | Thriveglobal.Com

There is an epidemic going on in the whole country. There are more than 17 lakh corona cases in India. There is a continuous loss in the businesses of the people, in the meantime, many educational institutions, reputed schools and colleges of our country are not deterred from doing their business. They are not shying away from constantly asking for huge advertisements and fees.

Schools and colleges are not giving exemption in fees
Online education has made everyone’s work easy, but college and school people are doing the work of forcibly charging full fees and various things are also happening. When it comes to going to school, due to Corona, students are not going to educational institutions to attend classes, are working from home and may not interfere with studies, so there is a need for online education.

The advantage of this is that the education of the children has not stopped at least. Yes, there are some sections who are facing difficulties due to digital divide but on the other hand not all school and college administrations have to spend much on their maintenance. As long as online classes are running, fees should be waived as most of the students are using their own internet.

Reduce fees!
Why internet money goes out of our pocket when online classes are announced by all the schools and colleges etc.? Even some college people are so clever that even today they are taking other charges from library to canteen fees etc., which is illegal.

Everyone’s pocket has been hit hard due to the pandemic. People’s salaries are also being cut, the result of which we can see. In the recent few days, schools and colleges are also charging their fees but many colleges and schools are asking for excessive fees. The problem is not in asking for fees, the problem is in taking too much money.
It has also happened in many places that teachers have been fired from their jobs at the school. That is, the situation of unemployment is increasing day by day. In such a situation, the college administration should charge fees but not so much so that the middle class families fall into poverty.

Educational institutions have to come out of their own selfishness

There are also stories in the country that in order to buy a smartphone, a farmer had to sell his cow so that his son could get online education. That is, whenever the time of epidemic is going on, the college and school administration should adopt a better management method so that both do not suffer financial loss.
At the time when school and college administration should have given maximum support to a student and parents, even at that time many such educational institutions in the country were only looking at their profit. Many parents must have been forced to take loans.
Children and teachers are also having a profound effect on them. There are also some educational institutions which are doing classes for five to six hours continuously. In this, many children are facing problems like internet facility and many other problems like back pain and problems in eyes.

Many such scenes have also come to the fore. Teachers’ salaries have also been cut and they are being forced to work. Most were fired.

Former status and new education system
After a long time, some good changes have taken place in the education system, which should have happened, otherwise the students would have topped the examination by rote. To bring about change in this method, it was necessary to bring changes in the education system. At the same time, there was a need to give more importance to the mother tongue.

A good decision was taken that if you leave your studies then all the hard work you have done till then will not go in vain. You will definitely get a degree, diploma or certificate which will have positive significance in your life. Apart from this, there have been many changes in education policy keeping some subjects like music art as curricular activities.

M.Phil will not be required to do research. There are some changes that can bring about a change. Earlier in our country, the most emphasis was given on bookish knowledge and not on practical knowledge, perhaps this may have been the reason that children used to compete only to get marks but now it will not happen.

In fact one thing is always the most important, that is your skills, you have a unique talent and even many famous and very rich people are also college dropouts.

Now finally the question arises that how much time will it take for students and teachers to actually adopt these education policies and when education is our fundamental right, will education be free for every person? How effective this education system proves to be in the coming days, it will be known in the coming days.