You must know that the coronavirus usually gets transmitted between people who come in close contact with each other. When the person infected with the virus sneezes or coughs, then the respiratory droplets might lead to infection if someone comes in close contact with them. When a person near the infected person inhales these respiratory droplets, they can get infected.

However, apart from this, even touching surfaces with a virus can lead to this disease’s spread. It might sound scary; therefore, the safest option is to stay home as the more frequently you go out, it will increase your chances of getting infected and infecting others, says Bradley Beman.

Why is personal hygiene important during the pandemic elucidates Brad Beman

It is necessary to frequently wash your hands with water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds. If you do not find water around, it is advisable to use a hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol. There is a particular way of cleaning your hands with sanitizer to rub your hands after applying sanitizer until they become dry. When you are out, you should not touch your face with unsanitized hands. It would help if you changed your clothes every time you come from outside. If you enter public places and get crowded, you must stay at a 6 feet distance from people.

Whenever you go out walking, shopping or work, you should cover your face with a mask or scarf. The mask should have multiple layers with a snug fit. Many people believe that they can skip the front and wear a face shield, which is wrong. You can wear a face shield in addition to a fabric mask, but you cannot ignore the cover altogether. You can use various materials to make masks at home, such as cotton, linen or even silk.

It is better to be safe than sorry

If you want to prevent the virus from spreading, you must emphasize personal hygiene. You must have heard that prevention is always better than cure; therefore, just like preventing any other disease, good hygiene can prevent the spread of this deadly virus. It will help if you become very careful with your hand washing habit to avoid this virus’s spread. If your hands are clean, you will not only remain protected from coronavirus but also any other kind of infectious disease, explains Bradley Beman. The present crisis worldwide demands personal hygiene.

It would help if you opted for personal care items but only those that do not harm the environment. Along with thinking about your safety, you must think about the environment. It will help if you minimize the harmful impact of human activities. Hence, you have to curb environmental abuse to create a sustainable environment for the future generation. There are many alternatives to products available in the market.

As such, you should always opt for those products which are environment-friendly. It is one way to maximize the efficacy of the product. It would help if you used those sanitizing solutions that kill the bacteria and mitigate destroying your planet. Therefore, become vigilant about personal hygiene to evade the crisis, harps Bradley J Beman.