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There are many reasons that basketball is better than other sports. It’s fun, satisfying and most importantly stress relieving. In this essay I will prove this by talking about how this sport can make you a lot of friends, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the equipment and most importantly it’s really exciting. I will be using both personal knowledge and examples of pro-basketballers to prove these points. 

You can make a lot of friends and it will help you on the court and make team chemistry. Off the court, it leads to better personal relationships and therefore less stress. I had this experience when I was in Grade 4 because I made a friend and I played well with him on the court too. I had the experience of making a friend that likes to play basketball and  joined a club called Phoenix and we had a lot of chemistry and trusted each other because we are close friends. Even during my recess anyone can have team chemistry playing basketball with other friends. The main key to making friends is to trust them. Trusting someone to have your back makes you feel less alone and you can rely on someone and it can help in anxiety too. It’s like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are best friends on and off the court. Since when LeBron played for the Miami Heat, D’Wade’s team. Then they started to show their chemistry to the team, if you watch, you can clearly see all the alley-oops they do to each other. They are best friends off the court which, in turn, helps them on the court. As well as this, basketball is an equal opportunities sport. 

In basketball, you don’t need so much equipment like soccer because for soccer you need shin pads, long socks and soccer shoes etc. In basketball you just need a hoop and a ball. Basketball shoes are optional if you are just playing for fun. This is a sport that anyone can participate in which makes it easier to relax and have fun with. You can play basketball outside or inside and still use the same equipment, unlike other sports if you are outside or inside you need different equipment. The fact that I can play inside and outside is a big advantage because it creates more reliability. A more consistent routine is key to stress relief. This doesn’t always happen in other sports. For example, soccer indoors is called futsal and you need different types of shoes. This means people who are not fortunate can play basketball because you don’t need to buy a lot of equipment. An example of basketball helping someone who was underprivileged, LeBron’s family could not afford a place to stay because his mother was in University. They had to move around to stay, sometimes he had to live in his friend’s house but he was still able to play basketball. I believe that the consistency that basketball gave LeBron  probably gave him and his mother less stress. Furthermore, basketball is an exciting sport.

It’s more exciting than any other sport because it’s always so intense. Some people believe that this would increase stress however,it can also be a release. If you have the last shot nothing else matters, it is a really effective way to block out everyday life. When I am on the court I forget about everything the only thing I remember is the game. It’s exciting because everyone is more competitive than each other on both sides and each player has different pros and cons in defense and offence. It’s exciting because you can personalize your playing style like a sharp shooter, ball-handler, etc. to suit your needs. You can play a hard game or a relaxing one. You can do some freestyle in your dribble move or be creative in your ball-handling. In shooting you can be a catch and shoot or off the dribble shooting. Therefore, basketball can be very rewarding even if it is very intense.

In conclusion, basketball can make you friendships that will help your team because it will help your team in chemistry. Then you won’t need to spend a lot of money for equipment. You just need a ball then you can play basketball, it’s that simple. Lastly, basketball is an exciting sport because there will be a team who is going to win unlike soccer where it can be a tie. All of these things can help reduce stress and increase your sense of achievement. It can be an escape and help you to clear your head. This is why basketball is the greatest sport ever.