Is focusing on your work getting harder and you are unable to determine why? Everything you do at work is taking more time than it should?

When you are unable to focus on anything, you start feeling frustrated and left behind and you constantly start questioning yourself that why is your mind unable to focus with no clear answers. 

Understanding basic human psychology, i’ve have listed down a few reasons why you are unable to focus at work and how to overcome it.

1. Lack of Energy:

The modern world has led very less leisure time in everyone’s life, the result is a lack of rest and sleep which deprives the body of the energy it needs to stay focused the entire day hence lack of energy at work. Also, overworked people forget to eat their meals timely which impacts on their health which in turn makes them lose focus at work

The Fix:

  • Plan your day ahead, work on a schedule and stick to it as much as possible.
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours a day.
  • Make time to eat all your meals and keep having small meals now and then.

2. Lack of Interest:

Any person can focus on something 100% only if they are interested, if not then it is not possible for them to pay all the attention. The truth is that the majority of the working class is just out there working for pay checks but are disinterested in what they do, this does not help them in focusing on their jobs. Lack of engagement can lead to losing many productive hours as the speed of work also reduces hence the employee works overtime to finish the same amount of work which could be done timely.

The Fix:

  • Get a job that interests you.
  • Keep yourself motivated by setting smaller goals.

Hostile Work Environment:

At times you may not be able to concentrate because your colleagues and the team you work with are not friendly and understanding. If you are not happy with your work surroundings, your mind may get distracted and you lose focus. Also, unhappy workplaces make peoples less productive.

The Fix:

  • Talk to your team about how you feel.
  • Talk to the management to change your team.
  • If nothing works, it is better to start looking for another job.


Too much of workload and deadlines can put unnecessary stress on an employee which messes with the mind and does not let you focus. Stress can also make you so disturbed that your work quality may get affected.

The Fix:

  • Talk to your seniors about reducing or distributing the workload
  • Take small breaks now and then in office.
  • Meditate as it calms your nerves and helps you focus.
  • Listen to music or follow your hobby to break the stress.

Your Emotions Are Getting the Better of You:

Let’s face it, everyone has one or another personal issues which affects them emotionally. There are certain people who can block those emotions off at work and focus on the job, but the rest may find it difficult and get overwhelmed when they are at work which makes them focus less at work. 

The Fix:

  • Take comfort from your friends and family.
  • Try to box up your emotions at the back of your mind at work.
  • If nothing works, consult an expert.
  • Make sure you are not going to a generic therapist as it may hardly help you. It is better to go to a professional such as Black Executive Men therapist who is a master in what you are dealing with rather than a jack of all trades.

Today’s world is quite competitive, and you need to learn to give your best at your job else your company will find someone else who can do it better than you. Fix your problems before it is too late.