“With great power comes great responsibility.” This proverb, popularized in the Spider-Man comic book series, has been used in a number of circumstances when referencing the importance of authority and the influence of an individual. In today’s day and age, more and more entrepreneurs are taking on the role of CEO within their organization, seeking self-reliance and control, unbeknownst to the potential that their personal reputation has over their enterprise.

The power that a Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, upholds weighs greatly on the growth and development of the organization(s) they are responsible for. The way in which they present themselves to the public and represent their company can increase the success of their establishment and improve their chances of developing a loyal community around the brand. It’s undeniable that a CEO’s reputation matters on a personal level but it also generates a form of trust in the public’s opinion as it is one of the most valuable competitive assets that they can take advantage of.

The Lifeline within a Network of Professionals

An admired CEO can be seen as vital importance within an industry as they become recognized for their clout and knowledge. Advocating success and sharing their insight with other professionals provides those within their realm a sense of compassion and enables them to become a subject matter expert.

LinkedIn, once thought of as a job hosting website, has become an effective tool for new and unrecognized CEOs to expose their brand to the professional world. It is now being utilized by millions to develop an audience that will listen and react to their guidance and expertise. 

Building a reputation and engaging the public on LinkedIn is not only a cost-effective method of achieving notoriety, but it can also become a powerful tool that will bring about a substantial return on investment. 

Exposure to a New Community 

Visibility is crucial to a business, especially in the startup phase or early stages of development. While LinkedIn is one of the easiest and most advantageous methods of making a name for a CEO and their brand, there are a variety of other ways that will expose them to a larger audience. 

Speaking engagements are one of the most widely accepted ways to gain recognition. Public speaking humanizes both the individual and the brand, creating an altruistic sensation that captivates an audience. Additionally, it gives the organization pillar content, a large piece of content that is broken down into multiple smaller pieces, that can be distributed within the company’s ecosystem, such as articles, video clips, and sound bites.

Public speaking arrangements have other perks as well, such as exposing a CEO to media outlets that can mention them, in turn increasing their chances of being featured in newspapers and broadcasts. Access to news media will, oftentimes, draw consumers in from unsuspected channels, expanding their influence and increasing their weight on topics outside their industry.

Socially Accepted

With the latest trends being social media, presence is a must; and platforms like Twitter allow CEOs to express their opinions. This creates engagement and confidence within their community, allowing their voices to be heard. When a CEO answers questions and relates to topics that the general population is discussing it strengthens their presence in their given sector and improves their reputation amongst their following.

Presence, Professionalism, and Visibility

Exposing oneself to the world can be frightening, but is critical when building a brand and acting as a CEO. Visibility and professionalism create trust within a community of consumers. This can be on the company website, on social media, or through credible news outlets. All in all, a high-level position, such as CEO, demands an individual that has strong leadership skills and the confidence to step into the limelight. The reputation of the CEO is vital to the survival of an organization and without their presence, a brand may never reach their truest potential.


  • Thomas Reck

    Founder at Insight Consulting

    I’m obsessed with unlocking incredible value for successful CEOs using the power of personal branding. I’ve been recognised for my work with the “Startup Live Award”, and speak regularly at conferences around the world. Personal branding is the secret weapon for leaders of tomorrow. For CEOs leading 1,000+ employee organisations, having a personal brand is a revolutionary way to attract clients & talent, share key messages with authentic thought leadership, and generate speaking, press and media opportunities. The problem is, marketing a person is very different to marketing a company. Personal branding doesn’t mean having your team share the occasional post, it requires an entirely different skill set: One that can technically take advantage of social media’s algorithms. At Insight we unlock CEO’s personal brands, transferring your influence from the boardroom to your newsfeed. Using our proven process, we use your expertise as fuel to generate results, all with less than 2 days input per month. We save our clients time & capital in accomplishing their most essential objectives. I also believe that the best lessons are ones that are shared. I started the Entrepreneur Insight Podcast with one goal in mind: Allowing more people to learn incredible insights from world-class entrepreneurs. Our first guest was Elon Musk’s first investor Tim Draper. New episodes every week.