Why is it that some people tend to excel in any circumstance, while others cannot manage even a glimmer despite undeniable talent? Well, research shows that it’s the way that we think about our abilities matters. Feelings of anxiety, fear, positivity, and negativity are in our conscious and subconscious mind and influence our choices in life. 

Justin Havre is a self-made millionaire, a business leader who has built one of the world’s most successful real estate companies. He runs multiple businesses in Real Estate, Web Marketing, Domain investing and trading, and coaching and consulting. He is an inspiration to many and has achieved what most of us dream of making. His journey has been full of learning and development. Justin Havre explores changes he needs to make to overcome daily challenges and achieve success. It is essential to have a growth and development mindset to achieve success in life.

  1. It Starts With Our Attitude

We are all going to face challenges throughout our lives. It is how we approach them that makes the difference. Having a growth mindset helps one to embrace a positive outlook about issues. It is about looking for solutions when problems arise. In itself, growth mindset entails having the belief that you are in control of your ability, and thus are willing to learn and improve. When you are determined to learn, you can undoubtedly achieve something that is only imaginable. Having a positive outlook about issues will help you navigate challenges in life. 

More importantly, one of the challenging things in growth is to realize everything is your responsibility. However, to achieve success, you have to be a better version of yourself every day and know that leadership starts and stops with you.

  1. Having The Desire For Change

Life is about continually growing and developing into a better person. You cannot remain in the same circumstances and expect changes in your personal or business situation. After all, things around us are always changing, so we should strive to change. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes in our lives. As so, it is high time that we embrace change and have a positive outlook in life. There is always a silver lining to everything. Nothing remains constant, so you must have the desire to make the necessary changes to succeed in life. 

In life, it is about continuous learning and growing and tweaking along the way. It is time to establish new skills, incorporate changes in systems and business operations, and embrace technology.  

  1. Avoiding The Scarcity Mentality

Sometimes we do not succeed because we don’t recognize the opportunities present to us is enough to get what we want. The scarcity mentality that more is better is not always real. The mindset of ‘there’s not enough to go around with’ or ‘there may not be more where that came from,’ can distract your focus on what is most important. If you focus on improving what you have, you may be surprised by how far you can go.

  1. Taking Full Responsibility For Our Situation

It is crucial to take full responsibility for what is happening in our lives and businesses. While it might be easier to blame others in most cases, being accountable about issues helps us to grow and develop ourselves to become better versions of ourselves. It is through a positive outlook to issues that we are able to take responsibility for our situation.

  1. Practice Having A Growth Mindset

The growth mindset decrees that we can develop our ability through hard work and effort. We have to reassure ourselves of our capabilities continuously. In essence, it is about keeping our minds filled with positivity. Of course, negative thoughts, we always find a way to creep in. However, when such situations arise, we have the power to appear and see those thoughts for the positive. With practice, you can train your mind to search for the positive in every situation. 

Why Is It Important?

Our mindset has enormous implications when it comes to motivation. It affects what we think about intelligence and success. For example, the simple belief that knowledge is malleable can better equip us for challenging tasks and challenging subject matter. The growth mindset stimulates the love for learning and resilience. A growth mindset is essential for achieving success in life.