It takes no training to know that the world is suffering. Everyone is affected in a way or another by COVID-19 also known as the coronavirus. We all are feeling its effects and we wish, we knew better, we did better or there was a warning letter you know, telling us that 2020 will be a tough one. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and so we all are caught in the middle of it trying to stay alive. Amidst all this, there are 5 big lessons each one of us should grab from it. That said let’s dive into it.

Five important lessons from covid-19 pandemic

  1. Saving Is Mandatory

This has been the biggest lesson for many. The ones doing better with this covid-19 pandemic are the ones that learnt the art of putting something little aside to save the day in-case of an emergency and clearly covid-19 is one. We are learning that anything can come to a standstill in a blink of an eye and what we call daily bread, our jobs, Our businesses, our health, our daily routines and hustles of life can literally end and we are stuck , left to survive on the little or much that we saved. So biggest lesson is save, save as much as possible

2.Change Is The Only Constant Thing

At the end of it all we all have been forced to embrace the new norm.  Working from home, getting our businesses online, finding other ways for more income or even extra income. We have adapted and accepted to adjust to the new changes. So adapting to change is important in life. This leads us to the third lesson

3.Have More Than One Income

This has been another lesson with covid-19 and quarantine effects. Most people have lost their jobs and are left with no income and lots of suffering because that one job took care of all their needs. We are forced to think outside the box in coming up with ideas for that extra income. More businesses will come up after this pandemic.

4.Family Comes Fast

Family is a pillar for the society and now more than ever this statement is making sense. Most people have been forced to rely on their families for support, both financially and mentally. Some have opted to head home after job loss and just be around some love to keep sane.

5.Above All God Is Everything

Interesting how all over sudden almost everyone is running for help from our father in heaven. Prayers have never been this strong am sure God above is amused. We are forced to pray more for guidance, sanity and peace of mind but above all that he spare us all from this pandemic.

In conclusion, everything has a good and a bad side. As much as we hate covid-19 pandemic and its effects, we are forced to pick some important lessons and move along with it. Let’s take the lemons from it and make lemonade.