Most have felt success. The job promotion, hitting the salary goal you were after, or starting your own business! Fewer people have actually felt pure fulfillment, though. They got the promotion but burned themselves out along the way. They reached their goals but were stressed out the entire time getting there. They started their own business but at the expense of quality time with their family.  It’s much easier to reach the goals, and much hard to reach true fulfillment and abundance.

Focusing on upgrading your emotional intelligence, self-love, and thoughts are your key to finding abundance in both happiness and wealth. Now more than ever, the world is calling in a new paradigm of powerful leaders who are ready to show that life and business aren’t about burning the midnight oil, but about following your purpose to make the world a better place, inside your home, inside of you and throughout the world.

Meet Leigh Fish – Intuitive Coach

Leigh was born in South Africa but has been a Dutch citizen and resident since 2012. She’s a wife, mom to a 9-year-old boy, and a successful Strategic Life Coach.

She grew up in apartheid where her sister and she were not allowed to attend white schools. It was a time in South Africa when conditions were changing and challenging.  With her father being Chinese and her mother being Caucasian, the family dynamic was political, but she was born with a “glass half full” mindset and saw the opportunities before her!

From an early age, her father said to “just be happy” and not “worry about what the world thinks”, so she listened and took him literally. Her parents didn’t have the money to send her to university at the time so she jumped straight into employment and caught the bug of making money, which later led her into entrepreneurship.  Always stuck in the middle with the race war in South Africa, she was never white enough or black enough to get anywhere hence entrepreneurship is where she had more control over her destiny. 

Her challenges gave her the grit and strength to hustle her way through life, which has given her plenty of real life experiences that she uses in her Strategic Life Coaching business today. 

About Leigh’s Strategic Life Coaching Services

Leigh found her purpose in her late 30’s when she started certifying as a Life Coach, NLP practitioner, EQ practitioner.  Leigh states, “The realisation of helping and serving others by coaching them towards happiness and fulfillment – or helping people through a tough situation and reaching specific life goals –  really tickled my happy strings. I feel I am living my life purpose right now and I am sure it reflects in my work.” 

Leigh runs a successful Instagram account with weekly Instagram Live interviews, putting everyday people in the spotlight for her audience to learn from. She says, “I enjoy putting everyday people in the spotlight because I feel it allows other everyday people to feel like they can relate, and the entire point of helping others is to help them realise that you do not have to be famous or a rockstar to achieve your life goals, purpose, and happiness.”

Coaching a few workshops online and offline, Leigh mainly works 1-on-1 with clients online and offline. “My passion really lies in seeing humans progress and becoming satisfied and happy with the idea of moving forward or feeling good about themselves. Mental health has become a big part of our family dynamic and my son gets the benefit of that teaching daily.”

Helping Others See Their Full Potential

Leigh believes that a belief is a thought you continue to think over and over again and that beliefs are a law that does not discriminate between empowering or disempowering beliefs. If you have a few beliefs that hold you back from who you are truly meant to be then those beliefs can, and should, be changed or evolved.

Self-love is a big part of Leigh’s life and advocates it to all her clients too.  Her coaching is centered around NLP, strategic life coaching, EQ, and the law of attraction. She regards herself as an intuitive coach because she believes life is not 1 size fits all. 

The downsides to the coaching industry are that too many people claim to be gurus, and also there are just too many “1 size fits all” online programs that’s available for purchase at ridiculously high prices but the content is generic and not specific to your needs.

Leigh and her services are completely unique.  She prefers to see one person progress rather than 100 people feeling like the content was just OK and didn’t shift their needle in terms of self-development. 

When you work with Leigh, you will be taught to look for progress, not perfection. She says, “We are all human and I am looking to help my fellow humans!”

As if Leigh’s story and journey weren’t already inspiring enough, her slogan that truly encompasses the movement she is heading up with her incredible work is: Try it – You Deserve it!

If you feel that your life and business can benefit from a happiness upgrade and Leigh’s profound knowledge and life experience then reach out to Leigh through her website.