We are often taught to take out time for our family. And yes, we should. We often plan family dinners outside and its a blissful experience. Yet, somehow i find it to be a demanding one. 

Recently, I got a chance to dine out with my colleagues. I only opted for it as I had no family commitments that day. It seemed that it was the best decision I made. I never enjoyed so much in my life. It was so stress free. 

From the experience, I don’t say that don’t go out with your family but yes, I want to add on try going out with colleagues and friends as well. Everyone has different perspective of life.

When you are with your family, you are supposed to give in more than you are supposed to get. Although each person has expectations from every other member. But, it was different with colleagues. 

There were minimal expectations. Everyone concentrated on being happy. There was so much of laughter. The food was good. The company of colleagues was good.

The dinner was very simple yet elegant. The different company of people made it even more interesting. Each one would crack a different set of joke. Each one would laugh from its heart out. The whole purpose was to keep self happy. There was no specific content of talks. From no where a topic started and ended at some other end. But, it was made sure that no topic whether personal or professional would be talked out. The main motive is to enjoy the moments.

When the dinner ended, it seemed if we could continue it even more and we decided that we should do this once a week. It was so wonderful that now each of us look forward to the day of week to go out and release their stress. It has become our stress buster dinner.