Whether it is watching a new sport that I’ve never watched before or playing a sport that I have never played before, or both. I find that I cannot ever switch off from being interested in that sport in one way or another for the rest of my life. The question is then, do I have my own sports addiction?

Now I don’t mean that every time in my life since I was a little kid, I’ve come across a sport and then gone out and bought all the gear to play that sport. I mean that there is now always a vested interest in my life if that sport ever comes back into my life, because there is no way that I could keep up with all the sports I “follow” on a daily basis. I would never get out of bed in the morning otherwise, as I’d be catching up on Twitter with all the latest news from around the world.

Now, most people I know and I obviously mean my friends and of course people you have worked with like one sport or another, but every sport? Your work colleagues might not be your best friends, but in terms of years worked you do tend to spend more time with them throughout the year than say your mates and even to a point, your partner. In all the years I have worked I have always found it relatively easy to strike up a conversation, but normally that is because I always bring it around to sport. Whether it is rugby, cricket, American football, squash, Aussie rules, horse racing or both the winter and summer Olympics for example.

Basically, I have yet to find a sport that I can generally say I dislike and that I cannot find some sort of interest in but not everyone is the same as me. A lot of my friends cannot stand rugby or cricket and they are up there with some of my favourites sports. Of course these days it is even easier to watch sport when you have a favorite sportsperson or sports teams you can follow and watch at home. The ease of watching sport at home these days is of course so much easier with the choice of sports channels you can watch on your TV, phone, laptop or tablet.

The watching of sport can surely only be done if you generally enjoy it as well though and I do. I really do. It’s not a new thing either, I definitely know I’ve been like this for at least twenty-seven years and I’m now 42 years-old. The reason I chose to go back to the age of 15, was because that is when I know my parents got SKY TV in at our home. The pure joy of having three different sports channels with all sorts of sports on was brilliant, I think the channels were Eurosport, Sky Sports and Screensport and there was all sorts of stuff to watch.

Don’t get me wrong either, I don’t just sit and watch sport, I love playing it as well and will always give anything a go. I think the competitive edge and the importance of keeping fit is half the reason why I love sport so much. Of course there are many other reasons too that sport can help with, most of which are genuine life skills at the end of the day and most we can teach our kids about too.

From team work to hard work and managing pressure, whilst at the same time working on your own as well as being a leader. All of these things are so important. Plus sport can teach you to never give up after failure and that success is sometimes just around the corner. I believe I do have my own sports addiction, but it is a good addiction to have. However, that does not mean that if you do not like certain random sports there is anything wrong with that, but please do always try to give things a go first. Then if it’s not for you, leave it, unfortunately I cannot.