From the Superman to Batman, Spider-man to Iron-man, Thor to Captain America and many other superheroes are not only eminent in prevailing justice but also very popular for their costumes and jackets.

When spider-man with his red costume, Batman with dark black and Superman in his striking blue color cosplays chasing a villain in the streets, a question is always arise in the mind of people “Why do superheroes need a costume?”

Do you know? If not then don’t worry, after reading this post you will be able to answer this question to children.

1.Hide Their Identity

We have seen in the many comic superhero movies, a superhero is always a normal and identical person. He may be a professional job holder or a student of the college when these see injustice in society; they eradicated wickedness from the public in secret identity.

People never imagined that whether he was a Peter Parkar a college student or anyone else that has high superpower abilities. But they only remember the Spiderman of red costume.

Similarly, if we talk about the other characters, X-Man, Superman, Ironman and so forth have also hidden their identity from natives with their unique cosplays.  

2. Costume Gives Them Power

When Batman is preparing himself to kill criminals he adapts a black and monster-like costume because such dress has made with some special powers.

When spider-man jumps from the tall buildings, catch anything in the air or walk on the glass walls he doesn’t have fear. Because his costume gives him power like a spider, he throws a powerful web from his wrist and catches anyone easily.

Likewise Ironman’s costumes with full of advanced armors and technology can destroy anything in a single minute.

All superheroes’ costumes have a unique quality that provides them safety and also gives them a power that makes them a superhero.

3. Cosplays Provide them a Unique Look

Imagine what happens when all superheroes of the justice league have the same dresses? Do you differentiate who is a superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Wolverine or Wonder Woman? Quite obvious it is not possible. 

Every Superhero has its own unique identity and no other hero can replicate it. If someone does so then he would not be a superhero but a pocket thief.

4. Easy to Handle and Comfortable

A superhero is always a busy person in the movies; sometimes he is chasing criminals in the streets, upon the buildings, over the bridges or beneath the earth and so on. 

For that reason, he can’t run in loose, heavy and long clothes. Definitely, he needs a dress that is comfortable and easy to handle in all situations.

The tight dress, staggering color, embossed unique logo, and mask are the basic pre-requisite of the superheroes dress.

Iron-man feels better when he wears a metal costume, spider-man with red, Caps with Soldier cosplays.

Final Thoughts

Comic movies have introduced many superheroes in history. From children to an adult not only love these superheroes but also admire their appealing costumes.

But when we see different superheroes with unique cosplays, we always ask one question ourselves why these superheroes have distinctive costumes?

There are 4 main answers to this question 1st Superheroes conceal their identity 2nd Costumes provide them power, 3rd costume gives them unique look and the last but not least, these costumes fulfill the superheroes requisites.