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Do you wake up excited? Do you look forward to starting your week? Do you dread getting out of bed? Are you already counting down to the weekend?

It doesn’t matter what you do or what you are going through as much as “why” you are doing it or going through it.

Two people going through the same thing can experience totally opposite feelings. Two people doing the exact same job can find one enjoying the work while the other despises it.

What makes the difference? It all comes down to the way you think about what you are doing.

Choose your story. When you choose to find your “why” in what you are doing, you discover a purpose. Once you have a why for doing something, the how becomes easier. You no longer dread what you are doing.

Why you do something gives it meaning. Why gives value to what you do. Why you do something will give you the energy to persevere, to find new ways to overcome obstacles.

A man diagnosed with cancer begins chemo treatment. He dreads each appointment. It takes all of his willpower to enter the building. All he can think about is the poison going into his body. He knows the chemo will burn his skin, if touched. With each drip, he focuses on the poison traveling through his veins. As he shares his feelings with his doctor, his doctor points out the success rate of his treatment. He shares without the chemo his death is imminent. Without it, the man will not see his daughter graduate from high school or be able to walk her down the aisle when she gets married. With his change in perspective, he begins to look forward to his next treatment, knowing each one brings his closer to eliminating the cancer and improving his chances to see his children grow up and to one day have grandchildren.

Two daycare providers describe their work differently. One looks after kids all day. The other helps to develop young minds. Same work. Different mindsets. Which one do you think enjoys the work more? Which group of children do you think enjoys daycare more?

Two police officers share what they do for a living. One serves and protects. The other enforces the laws. Which one do you think looks forward to going to work? Which one do you think is happier?

Two executive directors discuss their roles. One says she runs the organization making sure goals and objectives are met. The other says she develops leaders so they can impact the work the organization does. Which one enjoys her work more? Which one is creating a legacy? Which one do you think has more engaged employees?

Two customer service representatives discussing their work share opposite perspectives. One says he spends all day answering phones, getting yelled at, listening to complaints, and never getting anything done. The other one says he “diffuses bombs” for a living. When asked if he works for the police, he replies, “No, I work in customer service.” He goes on to explain that when upset customers call in, he takes the time to hear them out. He shares he understands what they are saying, and then explains the company policies. He adds they don’t always like the answers he gives, however, they feel heard. He said he enjoys being able to talk customers off the ledge, to keep them from blowing up. He added one of the things he most enjoys about his work is helping new customers. When they first call, they are concerned about the company’s program, what all they will have to do, the costs involved, etc. The representative acknowledged it is the fear of the unknown that has most prospective customers on edge. “I take pride in making the unknown known.” He said with a smile.

Which of these two customer service representatives do you think enjoys his work? Which one do you think watches the clock all day long?

In all of the situations above, each person either dreads what they are doing or has found a “why” or purpose for what they are doing.

Your purpose, your why for doing anything, cannot be written on a “To Do List” or in a job description. Your purpose, your why, must be felt. You must have a feeling in order to see it through. It is your emotion that allows you to persist. Most importantly, it must be your emotion.

The man who has tried everything for years to quit smoking, because his wife wants him to, struggles and continues to smoke. One day his young son says to him, “Daddy please quit smoking. I want you to live to see me grow up.” Dad puts the cigarettes down and never smokes again. Why? Because he found his purpose. He has a “why” not to smoke that he owns. It’s his emotion.

When you discover why you do what you are doing, when you find a feeling for doing it, you will begin to wake up excited. You will feel like you are contributing. You will feel like a difference maker. You’ll discover what you do matters – to those you serve.  

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

“The purpose of life is to be of service to others.”

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