Maybe it’s the right time for you to embark on a spiritual journey now?! And if that is the case you are one of the most fortunate ones!

For infinite lives, we’ve kept doing this and that, but have not achieved anything that has long-lasted. Life after life, whatever our achievements may have been, we have had to leave them behind and move onto next life. So, why regret then? It’s okay if you don’t have the motivation to do anything right now. Be happyI 

To do or achieve something that the entire world is busy doing is not very important. 

The Primary Goal of Human Life is to Get Free from the Bondage of Ignorance

Ignorance of what? Ignorance of the Self! Yes, if there is anything worth being motivated for in human life, it is to know that really who am I? Wouldn’t you want to know the real Self? I’m sure you would.

So, here’s what Gnani, the Enlightened One, suggests:

The first important thing is to come out of ignorance. If someone asks you, “What is your name?”

  • “I am Daniel (you may insert your own name here),” you may say.

But are you really Daniel or your name is Daniel? what would you say? 

  • You would say, “My name is Daniel”, right?

So, is your name Daniel Or you are Daniel? 

You say, “My name is Daniel.” Then you say, “I am Daniel.” It is like you saying, “This is my house.” Then you say, “I am house.” Is there any contradiction? “This is my car.” Then you say, “No, I am a car.” Is there any contradiction that you see here?

‘My’ refers to the belonging, which means the owner should be separate

You say, “It is my car.” You are not the car, you are the owner of the car. Similarly, it is my hand, my leg, my head, my body. 

Who is saying, “This is my body.” – that ‘I’ you have to realize!

It is the biggest ignorance. It’s a blunder! That blunder has to go away.

In Gnan Ceremony (which is absolutely free of cost and open for all), You Get Self-Realization 

In Gnan Ceremony, you realize, ‘who am I’ and how Daniel is separate from you.

The mind, speech, body, intellect, the entire collection of karmic account is Daniel. You are a Pure Soul, you will get that realization. Then slowly, slowly, all negativity (self-negativity, etc.) will go away!

So first of all, the ignorance will dissolve when you get Self-Realization. Thereafter, the negative energy also will dissolve.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Every living being in this Universe is the Lord of this Universe. It is because of your ignorance of your Real Self that you live life like a struggling creature.”

While Narrating His Own State of Experience, Gnani explains

“I am happy all the time 24 hours a day. I can see the speech or thoughts or actions of the body, I can see them as separate; it belongs to the relative part. I (the Pure Soul) am the knower and observer. I can see your Self (the Pure Soul) also, you are separate from Daniel. But you have a wrong belief today that ‘I am Daniel’. That’s why you get unhappiness. Really, you are separate from mind, speech and body all the time.” 

Thus, do not worry about the petty things. Think big, aim high and strive to achieve that ultimate goal of Self-Realization, which leads to eternal bliss!