Men's makeup and cosmetics. Tinted sunscreen for men and why they need it.

There is a cosmetic revolution happening today and no it’s not for women. Women have been dominating the skincare and cosmetic space for a long time. Seeing brands pop up and make a big splash yet not being owned by the largest companies has been happening the last few years. Then you have companies like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s which sold for over 1 billion, yes with a B. This is paving the way for the “grooming” category to which is encompassing skincare for men to be more mainstream. However there is another category which has not seen a large acquisition yet but I am sure that is coming. This is the world of men’s cosmetics and makeup which according to Bloomberg “is at an estimated $1.14 billion dollars this year.” Gen Z’ers seem to be the most open minded about using cosmetics for men since they grew up in a time where gender gaps were not so wide and it is acceptable in society to be different than before.

I wanted to find one product in this space that I am familiar with and get some expert advice as to what the benefits are and that is Tinted Sunscreen. It has truly changed my life and I have been using it for over 8 years. I have rosacea and that has been flaring up since I was a teenager. I remember getting embarrassed and worried when my face would feel like it is on fire yet not knowing why or how. After learning it was rosacea I then set out to try many different products which none made me feel better. An important woman in my life who was an expert in skincare and cosmetics gave me a bottle of what was called tinted sunscreen and I was very nervous to try it. Thinking what if my friends see me using this what will they think. Well fast forward to today and I swear by it, even using it at night to control any redness or flushing and covering up a few acne scars I have accumulated over the years.

Besides the obvious covering up of the face we wanted to ask an expert to shed some light into why tinted sunscreen is important to men. Dr. Joshua Zuckerman from Zuckerman Plastic Surgery in NY, had this to say, “While tinted sunscreen is more popular with women as a substitute to makeup plus foundation, it is by no means limited to one gender! The most important aspect of a daily skincare routine is the SPF component, but the more items that one must apply every day (for example: moisturizer, makeup, sunscreen), the more often the SPF item may be left out or irritation occur. As a result, I am a proponent of tinted sunscreen as a replacement or partial replacement of makeup foundation plus sunscreen. Like foundation, tinted sunscreen can help address skin irregularities such as acne scarring and others, and this holds true for both men and women. I sell medical-grade skincare products in my office, and these lines tend to include a tinted sunscreen. The majority of patients actually prefer the tinted version to the ‘regular’ product. Typically I recommend at least SPF 30, even for those with medium-tone skin. Research has shown that a lower percentage of men wear sunscreen on a daily basis, so for those with imperfections of the skin, tinted sunscreen is a great way to provide sun protection and achieve a more consistent skin appearance in a subtle manner without traditional makeup.”

Well there you have it. Every reason to use it, no reason not to. I hope more guys will protect and preserve there face without feeling insecure when doing it. If you are in need of a good tinted sunscreen my favorite is from ‘his skincare’ and you can check it out here.


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