Usually, a law firm functions as a partnership started by a group of lawyers or a sole proprietorship concern and offer their advice to the clients under the name of the firm. The lawyers in India can be non-equity or equity partners named as Senior Associates or Associates of the firm. After acquiring an experience of about four to five years, the Senior Associates become the partner of the firm. However, in many Indian law firms, the junior partners fail to get ownership stake in the company even after working on a salary for about seven to ten years or more, and obtaining experience. The successful law firms share a host of common characteristics with each other and there is no single formula for success. Every law firm is different in its functioning and the markets also vary greatly.

The following points highlight the key characteristics of success of the law firms in India and how they can move ahead of others.

Brightening the core values

The top law firms in India have a set of written core values that are well-composed and provide clear ideas about the expectations of the firm as far as the contributions of the member lawyers are concerned, and the level of accountability needed to deal with the people along with the profitability of the firm. To begin with, the core values are communication, engagement, investment, and loyalty. Coupled with them is the commitment for long-term viability and the health of the enterprise. The member lawyers must have respect for the people and try to serve the clients properly. In addition to this, they must have the passion to provide excellent services equipped with the highest quality of professionalism, have good coordination between the lawyers and the other staff and are available or approachable whenever the clients need their help.

Business strategy and differentiating the practice

One of the most crucial characteristics that a legal firm in India should have is a clear business strategy. Your strategies should be clear and transparent as to how you intend to serve the lawyers and you have to identify the market as well. Once you are decided on these areas, nothing can move the firm from its main principle. However, you cannot stop here, and have to ensure that the staff has properly understood the primary strategy of the company. It must also be provided to the clients for them to understand the main motto of the firm. Along with a transparent strategy that is properly communicated to the staff and the clients, your firm should have a unique factor that sells.

However, formulation of those unique ideas is not going to get you close to success, but you have to substantiate them with proper brand values that appeal to your clients. Besides this, the legal firms in India should also have a style, which is totally different from the rest and you have to ensure that the brand value becomes clear in their minds.

Prioritizing the clients

Every law firm in India should go to any length to ensure that the services they provide cater to the timeline of the clients and are consistent. Instead of merely delivering the services to the clients, the firm needs to have proper protocols to manage the expectations of the clients. For instance, the service must be at par with the pricing, cover, delivery, updates of information and mention the reasons for the potential delays. If a firm has these protocols in place, they need to audit them regularly.

Furthermore, the best law firms in India carry out client surveys periodically as they allow them to boost the client delivery and they can manage to stay ahead of their demands. If you are keen to provide the clients with the updates of every minute, you have to follow a proper management system in which they can get the information on their fingertips through a private and secured portal. There is no doubt that client services is one of the key aspects differentiating your business. Not only does it help you to retain the clients, it also impacts the effect of delivering the referrals.

Best resources

For the firms to get success, they must employ the top lawyers in India and include a proper mix of enthusiasm and experience. From the perspective of skills, preparation, and the skills of handling the cases, the legal professionals are expected to be diverse. Apart from this, the non-legal and legal staff must have proper training to adapt to the culture of the organization and share its vision and mission.

Use of technology

The top law firms in Delhi or any other place in India must embrace technology to accomplish the legal work faster, better, and in a cost-effective manner. The employees within the firm must share the knowledge and stay on the same page while delivering the work to the clients.

Pricing and cost management

The top legal firms in India must believe in consolidating their infrastructure along with the basic legal services in the firm, thereby ensuring low-cost service to the clients. Apart from this, the firms need to change their customers based on the benefits instead of the time and effort needed to confer it. Being a part of the local community whether it is direct work or some other purpose is one of the ways to garner popularity, and evidences show that serving the local community marks the successful legal practices from the rest. Moreover, a motivated team of lawyers service to achieve the goals of the firm with ease.