We all have goals, dreams, and accomplishments we hope to list on our resumes one day. Even if we are afraid to ‘dream big,’ we still have those milestone markers we want to hit on a yearly basis so we feel like we are working towards our purpose – whatever that may be. But, as we all know oftentimes, things don’t go according to plan, and reaching that end goal may become impossible or downright overwhelming.

When we feel like we can’t reach a particular end goal, we can feel discouraged and depressed. Our mind works on a habitual schedule every day for a reason: it’s the little things every day that contribute to the big wins and accomplishments down the line. That’s why it’s so important to fall in love with the process, not the end result.

Have you ever set a goal for yourself, like losing 20 pounds or getting a promotion? And when you made that goal a reality, did you, for a moment, feel a depressed sensation since ‘that was it’ and the end? The dopamine blasts we receive from achieving a goal are hard to deny – yet, they are fleeting, and they are gone before we know it if we don’t have another goal lined up right behind them.

The process, or the means by which you make these goals a reality, needs to be at the forefront of your mind every day. You need to love the actual journey, all of the ups and the downs, and the trials and tribulations. 

It’s the In-Between Moments 

Every entrepreneur, boss, inventor, and groundbreaker in the world knows it’s not about what’s public – it’s about what you do in those in-between moments. It’s the process that no one can see but you. Founder of the Roots of Success Podcast, Nate The Great Peterman, knows that no one understands this concept better than health patent-guru and supplement developer: Shawn Wells. Sitting down to speak with the biohackivist, dietitian, and longevity expert, Nate The Great wanted to explore Wells’ success as someone who owns dozens of patents in the health space. 

After asking Wells to share his backstory and explain how his experiences shaped who he is today, Nate The Great uncovered that by investing in health, little by little, anyone can maximize their energy and totally revolutionize their life.

“It’s not always about seeking the next level and rushing to the next step,” said Wells. “Today, I am still achieving, but in a different way. Sometimes, sitting back and appreciating what we have and what we’ve accomplished can be the most satisfying sensation of all. After all of the hardships I’ve endured in my life, the weight loss, the anorexia, and the darkness, I’ve learned to fall in love with the process every step of the way.”

Nate The Great went on to speak with Wells about his recently released energy-packed health guide: The Energy Formula: Six Life-Changing Ingredients to Unleash Your Limitless Potential. Wells wants everyone to know it’s not about the number on the scale looking back at you – it’s about the composition and integrity of your body that will truly dictate longevity, how you feel, and how much energy you wield every day.

Nate the Great is the CEO and Co-Founder of Symba Marketing, Co-Founder of Symba Music Group, and Author: Success Secrets For The Young Entrepreneur. He uses the Roots of Success Podcast to interview inspiring influencers of today’s time, working to uncover their thought processes in an effort to help other people follow in their footsteps. From experts in social media and branding, to psychology, health, and more, the Roots of Success Podcast works to help all listeners lay their own roots for future success.

For more information, or to listen to Nate the Great’s interview with Shawn Wells, visit: Energize Your Day with Shawn Wells