My family is the most important thing to me. My beautiful wife, Rachel Harow, is the best mom to our children. She maintains such love and happiness throughout all aspects of family matters. I am blessed with my wonderful children. They made me so proud. It’s obvious that my parents like myself, are very worried about the virus outbreak. However, as a doctor, I see nothing more important than keeping my family safe. This is why I have formulated three simple steps to follow this winter. As the vaccine is being produced, please be courteous to elders and continue maintaining social distance. 

Step 1: Be Persistent With Vitamins 

Personally, I know that it can be a hassle to get children to eat their vitamins. However, during a time of such uncertainty, it is highly recommended that they do so. I recommend Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. All should be taken either via pills or gummy form. Going to your local Whole Foods and getting top quality vitamins is highly recommended.

Step 2: Wear A Mask

As a surgeon, I’m very used to wearing my mask for hours at a time. However, to stop the spread of the virus to even more communities, I highly recommend wearing it out in public. This was the airborne illness that might refrain from spreading to bones lungs. Especially, if you or your children are around elderly individuals, wear a mask.

Step 3: Sanitize

I’m sure by now we all have our favorite scent of sanitizer, in cute bottles, and so forth. However, do not devalue the importance of sanitizing. It is a critical measure that has been lifesaving in many cases. As a doctor, I feel that I shouldn’t have to address sanitizing as a regular practice, but given the climate we all live in, I can only highly recommend it. 

In all, please consider the advice I have given. If one has any medical concerns or allergies, speak to a healthcare professional first. In addition, before giving children vitamins, make sure it’s okay with their doctors.