I love this Dr. Seuss quote, and I believe in it wholeheartedly.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out.”

We are often led to believe we are supposed to fit in, be like everyone else, be the same, downplay (or hide) who we really are, our uniqueness, our true authentic selves — who we were created to be.

But let us ask this question?

Why do we want to be someone we are not? Why would we aspire to become someone we are not? What is the benefit? What rewards will we reap? How will our life change for the better? In what way will our lives improve? Will we succeed in this attempt?

And I can only imagine how much work it would be — the constant focus and energy required — to try to be someone whom we are not. This is quite simply a losing proposition friends.


Because we cannot be or become someone else. It is impossible. We are each uniquely created, created to be different,100% unique. And we were created this way intentionally — to not fit it in — but to stand out.

You are uniquely you, and no one else can be you. There is so much beauty in that statement. The world wants to see you, your inner beauty, your authentic self, everything that makes you who you are — your unique gifts and talents, joys and passions, everything that makes you, YOU.

And what is the benefit of blending in anyway, to be like someone or everyone else? I believe when we try to fit in, it can often create the opposite effect… leading us to feel unnoticed, less valued, less respected, potentially anxious, tense, unhappy and less confident (in who we are, what we stand for).

Trying to be anyone but yourself is an uphill, losing battle. 

Embrace you, embrace every ounce of who you are, how you were created, your unique self, and do not let others try to influence you to be/become someone you are not. There is no value there, that I can see. The real value is when you let your own light shine, bright.

When you embrace you, all that you are, you will be surprised to notice the amount of peace, happiness, confidence, and freedom that is realized.

I think Kristin Allaben from The Forte Factor explains it nicely here, a poem and a lesson from her 6th grade teacher.


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