Running a business is no easy task. Luckily, some numerous methods and models guide entrepreneurs on how to best manage their brand or company. However, some created a personal approach so they can best manage their time, effort, and well-being. 

Just like men’s health coach Daniel Kelly. When he first started his brand, it was no secret that he felt the stress and burnout from working hard to achieve his goals. But he eventually realized that for him to best help others, he had to first focus on himself. 

“The biggest mistake I made was to try and operate my business based on other people’s business models and beliefs. Just because someone is successful and makes lots of money doing a certain business model, doesn’t mean it’s right for you,” he said.

He wanted to become more congruent with what he wanted in life which is why he shifted his business to fit around this idea rather than the other way around. 

“Decide what the life is that you want to live, then reverse engineer it from that. As opposed to following the business idea that you think will simply make you money. It may sound like a cliché but I’ve found this to be true from my own experience,” he said. 

Avoiding Two Causes of Stress 

Throughout his journey as an entrepreneur, Daniel realized that there are things that stress out people like him. 

One is the idea of constantly hustling and grinding and the other by putting their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health on hold in favor of their business.

When he addressed these key factors and made more time for himself, Daniel found himself becoming a better coach and a more successful entrepreneur who forges his own path. 

Promoting A Holistic Approach 

Before becoming a men’s health coach, Daniel originally worked in investment banking. His career and lifestyle took a sharp turn after experiencing low testosterone levels which he solved by undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). 

Seeing how he could have solved his hormone imbalance by exercising properly and taking good care of his health holistically, Daniel set out to help others to become independent from medical procedures and become more confident about themselves. 

“I believe my approach to health and fitness is pretty unique within the space. A lot of coaches take a myopic approach to health, which focuses purely on the training aspect of health. That means you gotta hit your numbers in the gym and make sure you eat enough protein,” he said. 

For Daniel, all these go hand in hand for an individual to become healthy, fulfilled, and energetic. To date, Daniel has coached hundreds of men to optimize their health, written multiple best-selling books, has even been featured on the pages of national newspapers such as The Guardian, The Sun, and the Staffordshire Sentinel. 
Learn more about Daniel Kelly through his Twitter account (@DanielKelly150).