Almost everyone of us love surprises. When we give surprises to our loved ones, it doubles their happiness. The amount of joy it brings to their face will make you love them even more.

I make it a point to give surprises to my loved ones especially my parents. I would call them from outside the home asking how are they and everything is fine and 5 minutes later would go and ring the doorbell. The best part I love is the beautiful expression when they see me unexpected.

When I inform them in advance that I am coming. They start preparing meals and preparations for the things what I love. Their wait for me makes them more anxious. When I finally reach, only then they become content. 

But, when I surprise them, there is a different element of happiness in them. Secondly, I would plan to order gifts on their birthdays and anniversaries. Receiving gifts from the loved ones makes you so joyful. However, you cannot beat giving surprise by meeting in person.

It goes for friends as well. You can surprise your friends, your partner whom you like an unexpected visit to them on their special day, a gift, flowers or anything of their choice.

The best and beautiful part is giving surprise to your love. Send your special one, your spouse flowers on their special day. Take a note of what they wanted in past and order them unexpectedly and make their day beautiful. 

However, I have seen people who don’t like surprises as well. Weird but yes, there are different kinds of people and there are different types of responses. You have to decide what you want to do and for whom? Here are some surprise ideas you can do for your loved ones.

Send a handwritten letter or postcard to your loved ones.

Send flowers to your loved ones on their special days.

Keep a memory of what your loved ones might require and send them. This works especially for your parents.

Dedicate a song on their favorite show.

Meet your loved ones in person especially when they expect you the least.

Send tickets of movie or favorite game of your loved ones.

You can send favorite CDs of favorite music or movies of your loved ones.

Sharing happiness can increase joy in your heart as well. Keep your loved ones happy and who knows there might be a surprise planned for you as well !!!!!