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“The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it, and turn it inside out.”

— Unknown 

To pursue your curiosities means to be a human. To be a human means to be creative. To be creative means to express yourself in curious ways. 

What are Curiosities?

They are ideas, topics, people, or things that somehow seem interesting to you. You know they are curiosities when you feel the need to learn more about them. Not only the need but also an inspiration to discover what the curiosities are about.

My life’s mission is about pursuing my Curiosities while I write essays & books, invent products, and create companies. 

I love curiositiesso much that I pursue and try to discover them every week in a section (called Curiosities) of my newsletter where I share thought-provoking ideas or trends. This is also the place where I share personal updates and the new projects I’m working on. 

When I pursue my curiosities, I feel both passionate and energetic. When I pursue them I try to find ones that 1) help people, and 2) I care about. That’s the secret formula.

Why Pursue Your Curiosities?

In the Curiosities section of my newsletter. A friend was inspired by my Curiosities, and he created a blog where he explores his curiosities. That’s all it takes. He had an idea, was inspired by it, and went for it. 

Pursuing your curiosities is a powerful way to reignite your soul, you might also discover more about yourself along the way.

All you need to do is things that seem curious to you.


Pursuing and developing your curiosities is about understanding who you are and figuring out what works best for you. Let’s understand who you are:

This graphic was inspired by Vero Ruiz Del Vizo
This graphic was inspired by Vero Ruiz Del Vizo

You can find a personality that you identify with and start sharing your curiosities. Unless you are a sorehead, in which case you will probably just criticize me and move on.

This isn’t limited and you can try and experiment with different platforms no matter what your personality is. For example, I’m very active on Twitter and YouTube

You need not pursue your curiositiespublicly, but I’d highly encourage you too. The quality will be ten times better and you will attract like-minded people as well as amazing opportunities that can change your life. If that’s still unconvincing, try pursuing your curiosities under a pseudonym.

Your personality or fear shouldn’t be limiting factors, you just need to get started and be yourself. You need not be perfect. Just focus on being yourself. 

Pursuing Curiosities is a Lifestyle

Pursuing your curiosities is a novel pursuit because you need to be confident and trust yourself when others might not. 

For instance, I have no formal background in fields such as statistics or physics. Yet, I’m deeply fascinated by those topics because of how they help me see the world differently. I read books, write essays, watch videos, and email experts in those fields because I am curious about those topics.

Fascination is powerful because it’s the only thing that can make you driven to the point where work feels like play. 

Curiosities will ignite your soul and make you alive once again. When you seek them, you will discover who you are, and you will find the opportunities you most want. 

It may sound simple, but it’s difficult because you need to be yourself and get started. 

Did curiosity kill the cat? Curiosities will make you alive. 

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