A being’s revelation on existence. Breaking the vessel and destroying the ego.

Immanuel is no more

What’s left is a being known as Immanuel that has let go of:

  • the idea of Immanuel
  • that there is an ‘I’
  • and that the ‘I’ exists

Immanuel was an idea that the being was forced into..

The being came to be through the process of birth..

The being was given a name..

Identified by

The being was cultured to conform its ways to another stream of beings grouped by time


A stream that was cultured as well by a different stream of beings which have undergone changes to make the stream a place to be

To evolve

Where the stream are bound together down to the first occurrence of beings through a string that transcends time and space

The Consciousness

and here, the being was put into an idea..

The being spans the universe.. yet the stream tries to hold it in a cup

The being struggles to stay and, therefore..

the being breaks.. and the being rots..

but the being continues to struggle..

because no matter how much it breaks and rots, it still doesn’t fit the cup..

and so it twists, bends, turns, rolls, and stretches..

until it stretched enough to break the cup

And so..

the idea, the vessel, forced to contain `the being` is now gone

But if the idea, the identity, is now gone, what is the being now?

The being is now true..

The being is now bound to the present..

The being is now free of the small vessel in which it was forced into..

The being now accepts that..

`A happening` is all that it is.. An addition to the string of consciousness..

The being is now free of the ‘search of oneself’

Because the being is now, and always has been, one with the self.

What’s left to ‘the being’ now, is everything; Life and all of its happenings.

The being is to be.. to happen..

The being now travels..

It travels forward in an unseen space, given the privilege by time..

And soon, it will sit down, cease to be, and what’s left will tell its stories back to where it came from; The consciousness.

‘The being’ known as Immanuel has been a Software Developer for more than 4 years as of this writing. This is its story of breaking out of the vessel that is the ego.

This being has battled depression and, twice, considered ceasing to exist :

First occurrence:A suicidal’s confession
From thinking of ending it all, to life reflections, taking a step back, refocusing, and sharing my journey with…medium.com

Second occurrence:Thought of killing myself (again)
Suicidal thoughts. The 2nd time around.medium.com

‘The being’ that has broken out has now found its way back to itself after being lost for a long time, never to be constrained again by ‘The idea’ it once clinged on to, and has now opened its doors to share its discoveries through all the available mediums that ‘the stream’ has created.

Immanuel would like to thank its friends — Kervin Abarra and Paul Allen Sopeña— for allowing Immanuel to share this self-discovery to them through way of speech. It helped Immanuel create a mental backbone for this piece.