I was scared to take my foot off of the gas pedal and do less in my workouts in case what was already feeling out of control, begin to snowball.

I don’t ask ANYTHING of my body more than yoga or walking at least 10 full days out of the month. I don’t permanently go off of any food groups (well except meat bc I am a vegetarian for ethical reasons.) I don’t have an elaborate fitness and nutrition plan. I don’t have a perfectly sugar free or alcohol free diet. I don’t have an unusually fast metabolism (in fact I am a SLOW burner.) I don’t say no to a cocktail at the top of a mountain, or a homemade cookie that anyone made and looks delicious. I nap any chance I can get and binged watched all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones in 6 weeks recently.

I don’t follow a lot of the typical fitness and nutrition “programs” as they are laid out. 


4 years ago I started to notice a trend in my clients where they either were working hard and NOT getting results OR they couldn’t follow through long enough on any of these fitness programs and nutrition plans to actually GET results. Then a year ago, this same issues and struggles started to be my own as well. I just didn’t feel right in my body…I was plagued by fatigue, major energy dips and cravings in the afternoons, pms, night wakings, irregular periods, excessing fat around my belly that I just couldn’t get to budge.

I didn’t know why what had always worked wasn’t working any more.

I knew I didn’t want to have to live a life without desserts with my kiddos or wine and cocktails with friends.

I knew I couldn’t hustle harder than I already was.

I knew that “perfection” had never worked for me, but “a belief mindset” always had.

I dug into female hormones and adrenal fatigue in the overwhelmed female body. I learned that women have a different rhythm than men when it comes to hormones, rest, intensity, energy and recovery.

I knew that all of my research was telling me something that the industry wasn’t.

I needed more STRATEGIC rest in my fitness and nutrition…NOT more hustle.

I was scared to take my foot off of the gas pedal and do less in my workouts in case what was already feeling out of control, begin to snowball.

But I jumped in anyway.

And I was committed to following the flow of my body….to actually RESTING when I should be resting (and without guilt) to asking more of my body ONLY during the weeks that I should and to eating MORE for my body during the weeks that I should. It was different than anything I had learned in the fitness industry over the last decade. I was committed to nurturing my energy and honouring my female cycle FIRST and following programs and “rules” second.

I share this to show you that you shouldn’t always do MORE to get more from your body. There is untapped energy in your body that you can start to tap into when you make the shift to gouge with the FLOW of what your body is asking…NOT what you are being told by other fitness people. And when you LISTEN to your own body and act on what it is saying…your body will become LESS S T R E S S E D….and a stress free body is a body that loses weight EASILY.

I hope this helps you to start listening to what your body is screaming at you, one symptom at a time.

More is not always better.
A LOW STRESS BODY is better.