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I try to buy sustainable goods and services, because I want to help improve the environment and the livelihoods of the people and my community, address social issues and save money too. Sustainable and eco-friendly fashion is also very important, because our environment needs innovative approaches to alleviate carbon footprint and chemical load.

Did you know that an average T-shirt uses approximately 500 gallons of water to produce, which is similar to 8.5 full bathtubs. According to Global News, the fashion industry uses 1,600 chemicals in their dyeing processes, only one per cent of which have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Recently, I discovered lovely and coveted Bali-based women’s designer, Innika Choo. Luxe, sustainable materials and handmade techniques have shaped the brand and it won’t be a secret for long. Innika Choo has an affection and preference for sustainable linens and Ramie textiles made from biodegradable and plant-based fibres. The entrepreneur mom resides in Bali and travels often. Her smocked and hand embroidered frocks are relaxed and season-less.

Innika Choo is super chic, a mom of three and her business has many sustainable aspects. She works with ethical and sustainable manufacturers using materials like Ramie and Linen, because they don’t require pesticides or chemicals – or over consumption of valuable water for their growth and harvest. Ramie is made from a flowering nettle plant, native to Asia, that is a sustainable crop that can be harvested up to 6 times/year. Additional benefits of Ramie and Linen fabrics challenge mainstream cottons in their early stages of growth and long term performance. Even her buttons are made from sustainable, zero waste shells. Hand-smocking is a local tradition that dates back to the French Settlement, it’s a technique that Innika Choo weaves into every collection for its nostalgic and timeless feel, but also the intricacy and detail that it adds to her pieces.

The brand is sold globally at Goop, Moda Operandi, or Shopbop. Here’s a teaser of some of Innika Choo’s beautiful, luxurious styles made from sustainable materials. Mother Day is near, and the summer is just around the corner. If you want a breathtaking outfit, then be sure to turn to Innika Choo.

A couple of other notable designers for ethical and sustainable fashion style are Nupur Goenka of AISH and Carol Miltimore of Seek Collective.

AISH was launched in 2011. 70% of the fabric that AISH uses is hand loomed on unmechanized looms that uses no electricity. They use natural fibers and VAT dyes. Production uses and the re-use the last bits for making bags, for internal use, supplying material to NGO’s for vocational training of women. In turn this reinvents the last pieces of the products to make something interesting and one of a kind. The brand believes that this sort of time and effort spent in allocation is beyond the financial ROI. Their return rather is measured through their impact. For example, its scarves are a must-have for any occasion — to use as a beach cover up or cool summer night.

Image courtesy of AISH.
Image courtesy of AISH.

Seek Collective is another notable sustainable and ethically manufactured that’s a must-see. It was inspired by the founder’s dreams of India since she was a teenager. She loves both the colorful and spiritual wonder that India represents, in addition to the immense history of textiles and craft that India is known for. The brand’s colorways are perfect for the spring and its unique styles set them apart from the norm. They use all of the materials in production as a zero-waste brand, creating gorgeous quilts and scarves. For example, this Copper Pitcher and Copper Mugs set were both found in the old city of Jaipur India and is perfect for entertaining friends. Where else can one find such a special and unique gift set!

Image courtesy of Seek Collective.
Image Courtesy of Seek Collective.


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